Male and Female Athletic Performance: Worlds Apart

Male and Female Athletic Performance: Worlds Apart. By Jon Pike, Emma Hilton and Leslie Howe.

Physical divergence begins with primary sex development at around seven weeks in utero when, triggered by genetic information inherited at fertilization, bipotential gonads differentiate as either testes in males or ovaries in females. …

The smallest performance gaps are evident in sports that require simple manoeuvres with weighted lower-body input, such as running, where females have higher relative (but not absolute) muscle mass. The involvement of upper body muscle mass, and/or complex sports that combine many different functional outputs, yields performance gaps that extend to 30 to 65 percent in weightlifting disciplines and 120 percent in the force applied in a rugby scrum. …

The male-to-female gap in track sprinting is 12 percent. This translates into approximately 10,000 males having a personal best 100m sprint time faster than the current female Olympic champion, Elaine Thompson-Herah. Thompson’s 2016 gold medal performance was, within the year, slower than not just elite senior male sprinters, but also slower than schoolboys, Master’s category males (i.e., age 35 and older), Paralympic males, and males whose primary sport is not track sprinting.


In transwomen successfully suppressing testosterone for 12 months, skeletal metrics — height, limb/digit length, and shoulder/pelvic width — do not change, and the extent of muscle/strength loss is approximately -5 percent after 12 months, a modest change that is insufficient to bridge the baseline muscular differences between males and females.

While fewer than 0.02 percent of individuals [2 in ten thousand] may appear sexually ambiguous, these rare exceptions to the general rule do not undermine or call into question the reality of the discrete nature of sex for the vast majority.

Old Commie:

The fact that you have to write an article proving that men and women are biologically different is in itself a sign of our times….

You cannot apply reason with people and ideologies that are intentionally unreasonable. How do you reason with this:

  • the land of Lincoln cancels Lincoln
  • Seattle/San Fran/etc. decriminalize crime
  • Math is racist. Saying that 2+2=4 is racist.
  • Asking kids to turn their assignments on time is racist
  • Men and women are not different

And the list goes on and on. There isn’t any reason behind these statements and actions. Ideologies are not reasonable. Ideologies are cults. Cult members don’t reason. They just believe and you either join them or you get burned at the stake. …

My experience living in a communist country is that insanity can run unchecked for very long time and even when it brings total destruction like in Venezuela, it is very difficult to go back to sanity.

The left’s denial of reality is so ridiculous, yet they have enough political power to inflict their nonsense on the rest of us and waste our time.