The Uselessness of Solar Energy

The Uselessness of Solar Energy. By John Hinderaker.

Solar panels are such a lame energy source that when it snows, it isn’t worth it to pay someone — high school kids, probably — to shovel them off.

Solar farms in Minnesota?? Smells of government money.

You sometimes see newspaper headlines to the effect that, say, a “50 megawatt solar power plant” is being constructed. But you shouldn’t count on getting anything remotely approaching 50 megawatts of power from such an installation. …

10% in winter, 30% in summer. Awesome.

So far, most voters have been snowed by “green” energy propaganda. Or that is what they tell pollsters, anyway. But the day is coming when voters understand that they have been had by one of the biggest cons in world history.

Worse, to solve a problem that only appeared to exist because of a modeling error made decades ago.