The Snoot Party

The Snoot Party. By Kevin Williamson.

The Democrats love the poor. The Democrats hate the poor.

And the poor in West Virginia? They’re at the bottom of the bucket, as Democrats see things. Senator Joe Manchin, the moderate Democrat from West Virginia who is one of the last of that breed, has derailed Joe Biden’s beloved Build Back Better bill …

The most important domestic political development of the 21st century so far is the class-reversal of the Republican and Democratic parties, a trend that began in the 1990s with Bill Clinton and now has reached a state of genuine polarization.

Democrats, once the party of poor farmers and working-class “white ethnics,” as we used to call them, have become the party of affluent, educated, metropolitan and suburban professionals — the people who once were critical to the Republican coalition. …

As far as today’s Democrats are concerned, voting Republican is just one more pathology that afflicts the toothless hillbillies of their imagination. They are perplexed — or at least pretend to be perplexed — by the fact that there are poor and struggling Americans who do not instinctively turn to welfare-statism as the answer to their problems, who are uneager to sacrifice either their values or their liberties in exchange for a government check.

Democrats have responded to this by elevating the needs of the relatively well-off to the top of their agenda, which is why they spend so much time talking about the terrible burden of student loans for young lawyers and underemployed Haverford graduates.