‘Ethical standards’ put whites at the back of the line for Covid-19 treatment

‘Ethical standards’ put whites at the back of the line for Covid-19 treatment. By RT.

Minnesota’s state health department has adopted new ethical standards that include considering a person’s skin color in determining who can receive a potentially life-saving treatment for Covid-19 patients.

At issue is allocation of monoclonal antibodies, which have been in hot demand and short supply after proving effective in helping to prevent Covid-19 illnesses from becoming severe. …

The word salad used to justify their racism:

The department cited a finding by the US Food and Drug Administration that race and ethnicity may place Covid-19 patients at elevated risk of progression to severe illness. Data on such risk provides the “ethical justification” for prioritizing non-white patients, according to the framework. …

What the new racism means:

The state is using a scoring system to determine the level of priority that a patient should be given in determining eligibility for mAbs. A non-white racial status is worth two points in the system, the same weighting given to such categories as a patient being 65 or older or being 55 or older and having cardiovascular disease.

The policy means that if a white patient and a black patient are both 70 years old and suffering from cardiovascular disease, the white person would have a screening score of four and the black person would get six points (assuming neither has other pre-existing conditions that merit special consideration). …

The state has advised health care providers to deprioritize patients with low screening scores and to ratchet up the eligibility bar “as scarcity deepens.”

Is their nothing Democrats won’t do to get black votes? And the votes of the most virtue-signaling whites?

hat-tip Stephen Neil