The clueless narrative people: “While Omicron explodes around the world, COVID cases in Japan plummet and no one knows why”

The clueless narrative people: “While Omicron explodes around the world, COVID cases in Japan plummet and no one knows why”.

That’s a headline in the Sydney Morning Herald today, above a story from the Washington Post by Michelle Ye Hee Lee. The article is longish, at 1400 words, but doesn’t mention “ivermectin.”

Which is odd, because covid cases in Japan plummeted immediately they unofficially adopted and started using ivermectin. Ivermectin works well against all variants of covid, and a good number of other viruses and pests too.

Perhaps WaPo and the SMH would care to ponder why covid cases also plummeted in India and Indonesia. Remember all those overcrowded hospital scenes in mid-2021, of teary relatives trying to find oxygen cylinders amid rapidly climbing covid cases and deaths? Now those huge countries have fewer cases than tiny Victoria. Why is that? Again, the answer is ivermectin. Likewise Peru.

And why does tropical Africa have almost no covid cases? They take ivermectin regularly for parasites.

The number of fact-checking sites saying that Japan has not approved ivermectin for the virus tells us how important this information is.

A friend writes:

In Japan, the official stance is never a real one — they have a cultural notion of external “face” (one shown to others) and “internal” one (shown and acted upon). Hence, real decisions are made by the leaders of professional circles — not by authorities. In exchange, real decision makers would not go into confrontation with government.

The voice of Dr. Ozaki is more important for everyone then the one of the “Minister of Health”. So, the facade in Japan would be like: “All for vaccination and lockdowns”. But no enforcement, allowing professionals to do their job in a flexible way.

Big Pharma in response got an academic to concoct a theory that the virus mutated itself out of existence in Japan.

The narrative people are lying by omission. When the mainstream find out they could have avoided covid, with all its disruption  and death, so simply — and that other countries were doing so but they deliberately weren’t told — they will be furious.

Turns out Australians would have got better health advice from a Bali pharmacist than we got from our health authorities.

hat-tip David Archibald