Is Durham Planning to Charge Team Hillary?

Is Durham Planning to Charge Team Hillary? By Anthena Thorpe.

Democrats’ and Republicans’ prosecutorial styles are as different as night and day.

Democrats announce their (plainly political) intentions ahead of time — “We will impeach Donald Trump” or “We will disqualify Brett Kavanaugh” or “I will indict Donald Trump” — then convene massive investigative bodies (on the taxpayers’ dime) of partisan lawyers and politicians to search for a prosecutable crime. The investigation is milked for everything it’s worth, featuring weaponized DOJ no-knock midnight raids, leaks a-plenty, and media accomplices to publicize every insinuation, humiliation, and accusation. Even if no real crime is ever found in the end (and it seldom is), Democrats will nonetheless continue with their announced plans, such as twice impeaching the most-investigated president in history. And in the process, they will have made life hell for their political enemies as well as anyone who ever gave them the time of day — which was probably the point all along.

Republicans, on the other hand, don’t convene special investigations unless the evidence of a crime is already smacking everyone in the face. … People investigating Democrats drop quietly into the background and do their work unobtrusively, only surfacing to comment when they’ve actually found something worth prosecuting.

The media has no interest in talking about the left’s crimes, obviously, so of course a Republican investigation proceeds quietly.

Which brings us to the Durham investigation of the Russia Collusion Hoax that the leftwing establishment perpetrated against President Donald Trump. …

Last month, a Virginia grand jury indicted Igor Danchenko on five counts of making false statements. Danchenko, a Russian analyst, is accused of being untruthful with the FBI about the source of the information he gave to Christopher Steele, who put together the absurd dossier wielded against Donald Trump. …

The latest court filings from Durham are talking about a certain conflict of interest. We’ll leave the details to the article, but:

That could only pose a conflict of interest, though, if former employees of the 2016 Clinton campaign were going to be charged with crimes at some point.

As we all know, the Clinton campaign hired Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on Candidate Trump, and Fusion hired Steele, and Steele hired Danchenko. Obviously, Danchenko knew that the anti-Trump material he was pedaling was untrue and he was being criminally dishonest by promoting it, but who else knew? Fusion GPS? Team Hillary? The candidate herself?

These are important questions that must be answered so the guilty can be prosecuted and the rules are laid clear going forward. What Donald Trump, his friends, family and associates, and the entire country were put through with the phony Russian Collusion Hoax was absolutely horrific. It was extremely costly and divisive. I wish there were a way to prosecute the lying, complicit media for malpractice or straight-up malice as well.

Maybe. Don’t hold your breath though, because nearly all the institutions are owned by the left, and they will choose not to prosecute. In today’s leftist America, tribalism trumps truth and due process.