Bad Science, Bad Faith

Bad Science, Bad Faith. By David Cole.

The public’s relationship with science should, ideally, be governed by what’s known as “good-faith skepticism.” It’s an assumption going in that scientists are not trying to do harm, and indeed, most sincerely want to do good. But, under certain conditions, be it human error, avarice, political pressure, or competition for grants, even people with decent intentions can foul up.

Good-faith skepticism regarding scientists is vital for a healthy society. It’s a balance: Should it tip too far in one direction (mindless gullibility and acceptance of everything a lab-coater tells you) or the other (automatic dismissal of science as a field and scientists as “Tuskegee Frankensteins”), it’s bad news. And two years of Covid have brought nothin’ but bad news, with some leftists coming to view scientists as gods, and some rightists coming to view them as Mengeles.

The “politician/scientist alliance” (typified by the Democrats and Fauci) has done much to encourage both extremes, exhorting the left to lionize lab-coaters (Fauci literally declaring, “I am science”), and taunting the right with a stubborn refusal to admit errors and uncertainties.

Also, the personal behavior of the alliance members has engendered bad-faith skepticism to a huge degree. The people who tell us we’re gonna die if we (and our children) are maskless have no problem constantly violating their own mask rules. In their personal behavior, they don’t act like there’s an emergency. Ordinary folks pick up on that.

Worse still, some in the alliance seem to be enjoying the pandemic a bit too much. When I see the wide toothy smile on the bony-ass Skeletor face of the New Zealand prime minister every time she announces new lockdowns and mandates, I think, “Jesus, that psychopath’s getting a kick out of this shit.” …

But perhaps the biggest giveaway is that not once since the pandemic began have leftist politicians sacrificed ideology for “safety.” Imagine the effect on public behavior had the Biden administration refused to flood the nation with untested, unvaxxed illegals. That would’ve sent a clear message that the Covid crisis is of such importance that Democrats were willing to sacrifice their most beloved policy in the name of controlling the bug. But no. Instead they bragged about letting in unvaxxed and untested Third Worlders.

Or that group of “scientists and doctors” last year who released a public letter stating that BLM protests were more important than Covid precautions. Few things sowed Covid skepticism on the right as much as that. To a great extent, Covid bad-faith skepticism is on the heads of the people who signed that letter. …

Expect “science” to tell us all sorts of lefty things in the near future:

Now, leftists tend to overplay their hand; they get so fanatically immersed in their crusades that they lose all situational awareness regarding public reaction (I genuinely believe that when the left renounced comedy, leftists lost the ability to read a room — one of the few real-world skills being a stand-up can give you).

Democrats were blindsided by the popular revolts against CRT and “defund the police” (an issue so currently toxic, most Dems won’t even admit having championed it). And the left is going to overplay its hand on “trust the science,” and I don’t just mean via unnecessary school closures and mask/vax mandates. Leftists, living in a bubble and fully convinced that “everyone” is on board with “take the word of scientists as the word of God,” are already attempting to expand “trust the science” to some of their other policies.

All year long, George Soros-funded “progressive” DAs have been claiming that their anti-prosecution, de-incarceration programs are based on science, and since science can’t be wrong, those policies can’t possibly be responsible for the nationwide rise in crime!

The bureaucrats are the essence of the globalist/left party in each  western country, the glue that holds the left coalition and their institutions together. They disperse the money, and run the nuts and bolts of government, regardless of who is elected. (And don’t bureaucrats love bigger government?)

The bureaucrats choose which scientists to fund, thereby effectively choosing which results they want. Modern “science” is bought and paid for by left-leaning bureaucracies. But, like the left’s “fact checking,” it’s really a front to deceive. It’s a fad that will recede when we insist that science funding be fixed.