Texas takes over building Donald Trump’s US-Mexico border wall

Texas takes over building Donald Trump’s US-Mexico border wall. By Adam Creighton.

Donald Trump’s controversial border wall with Mexico, which Joe Biden cancelled in one of his first decisions as President, is under construction again after a flood of unauthorised immigrants across the southern US border compelled Texas to finish the job.

The second most populous state, whose long border with Mexico meant it bore the brunt of unauthorised arrivals, began building the wall on Saturday, six months after announcing the plan, amid a year-long standoff with the Biden administration over immigration.

“Texas is taking what truly is unprecedented action: a state to build a wall on our border, to safeguard the sovereignty of our state and of our nation,” Republican Governor Greg Abbott said in Rio Grande City in front of construction crews and huge steel wall panels.

“This is needed for one single reason: because the Biden ­administration has failed to do its job as required by the constitution, as required by laws passed by congress, to enforce the immigration laws of the US.” …

The Trump administration … built 84km of fencing in areas where none had existed before and ­replaced almost 645km of wall along the nearly 3,220km border.

Texas will need its own armed forces too, soon. Hmmm, it already has, the Texas Army National Guard.

hat-tip Stephen Neil