Hispanic Voters Show 42-Point Shift Towards Republicans Since 2018

Hispanic Voters Show 42-Point Shift Towards Republicans Since 2018. By Jacob Bliss.

The most recent poll conducted by RMG Research, Inc., showed Hispanic voters favor generic Republicans over the generic Democrats by two points. Forty-eight percent of the Hispanic voters would support a generic Republican on the ballot if the election were held today, compared to the 46 percent who support the generic Democrat. Four percent said they “would not vote,” while only two percent said they were “not sure.”

However, this is a 42-point swing from 2018. The exit poll from the 2018 midterm election showed an estimated 69 percent of the Hispanic voters who voted for the Democrat in the congressional races nationwide, compared to the 29 percent who backed the Republican candidate.

The Democrat electoral strategy since 1990 — building an electoral majority from a coalition of the fringes, via identity politics and high immigration, while pursuing nakedly anti-white policies to attract non-whites — is crashing and burning.

The left assumed it would get the lion’s share of the Hispanic vote. Not happening. The strategy is failing.

Now what’s the left going to do? They’ve alienated most whites and scared off half the Hispanics with their craziness and prejudices. Their class warfare and contempt for the deplorables has alienated their old voting bloc. Perhaps they will find a way to import millions of Muslims? Good luck promoting Sharia.

Yet they control most of the institutions of society, so now they will just rule for their own sake, corruptly. They cannot command a majority of society, so they will increasingly give up on democracy.

UPDATE: Today’s Tucker Carlson came to much the same view (first 3:40):

Tucker also includes an excellent excerpt from a speech he gave recently, from 26:10 to 30:51.

hat-tip Stephen Neil