Australia’s top environment bureaucrat is adviser to Chinese Communist Party “Green” Group

Australia’s top environment bureaucrat is adviser to Chinese Communist Party “Green” Group. By Ben Packham.

Department of Environment secretary Andrew Metcalfe is a member of the China Council for International Co-operation on Environment and Development, chaired by Vice-Premier Han Zheng.

According to the council’s website, the CCICED plays “a unique role in championing sustainable development” to build “a more beautiful China and a green and bountiful world”.

Mr Metcalfe continues to serve on the council, despite China’s campaign of economic coercion against Australia, the refusal of its ministers to meet Australian counterparts and the Australian government’s rejection of the BRI as being inconsistent with the nation’s foreign policy.

In a recent “recommendation” to the Chinese government, the CCICED council said its members “greatly appreciate President Xi’s commitment to building an ecologically sustainable world”, and declared the international community was looking to China for “experience and inspiration”.

And how much taxpayer money does the bureaucracy pay this globalist?

Changes unveiled by the Remuneration Tribunal show the secretaries of the newly formed departments of Agriculture, Water and Environment, Andrew Metcalfe, and Education, Skills and Employment, Michelle Bruniges, will be classified as level one officials, entitling them to pay of at least $775,910 a year.

Or US$560k per year. Do you suppose, if the job was put out to tender, we could find a qualified person prepared to do that job for significantly less? Competition and market discipline for us, but not for them.

Do you think this person really identifies with us and has our interests at heart? “Public servant“, I think not.