Vaccines Failing in the UK: When are they going to switch to anti-virals?

Vaccines Failing in the UK: When are they going to switch to anti-virals?

Trent Baker: Even Fauci admits that your current vaccination is almost entirely useless:

Fauci said during an appearance on CNN’s “At This Hour” that there was “virtually no degree” of protection against the Omicron variant without a booster shot.

Joe Davis: Omicron is three times more transmissible than delta:

Omicron-infected Brits are three times as likely to spread Covid to someone they live with as those with Delta, Government scientists revealed today.

Household transmission is already the main driver of the pandemic, with up to 43 per cent of all infection believed to be caused by family members in the home. …


UK infection rate suddenly goes through the roof (about 15,000 daily infections on Dec 17 were due to omicron)


Professor Azra Ghani, from Imperial College London, said: ‘Given the rapid spread of the Omicron variant to date, it is now highly likely that this will replace the circulating Delta variant globally in the coming weeks. ….

6% of all UK’s confirmed cases are reinfections:

The report also showed six per cent of all confirmed cases of the variant in the UK are reinfections, with Government modelling estimating the strain is five-and-a-half times more likely to reinfect than Delta.

Some 305 of the 5,153 people with a confirmed or probable case of Omicron recorded between November 1 and December 11 were connected to a previous confirmed infection and were at least 90 days from previously testing positive. …

Omicron affecting young women in their 20s most:

Meanwhile, it showed the group with the highest infections of the strain as of December 12 in England was women in their 20s.

It’s still too early to know how harmful omicron is, because it typically takes a week from infection to hospitalization then a further two weeks to death if that is the outcome. We have to wait until Christmas, or maybe a few days after that. Hospitalizations are ticking up:


(So Western Australia is opening up to this? Are we sure it’s a good idea? Why don’t we wait and see how harmful omicron is?)

Imagine the debate in the UK and the west generally if they knew about how India, Indonesia, Japan, and most of Africa, have defeated covid using ivermectin? But hardly anyone in the West knows — for now. But when they find out, they will be furious.

Got ivermectin? New variant, no worries.

hat-tip Stephen Neil