Why Is the US Left Worried Suddenly About the End of Democracy?

Why Is the US Left Worried Suddenly About the End of Democracy? By Victor Davis Hanson.

It is quite simple. The Left expects to lose power over the next two years — both because of the way it gained and used it, and because of its radical, top-down agendas that never had any public support.

After gaining control of both houses of Congress and the presidency … the Left has managed in just 11 months to alienate a majority of voters.

The nation has been wracked by unprecedented crime and nonenforcement of the borders. Leftist district attorneys either won’t indict criminals or let them out of jails or both. Illegal immigration and inflation are soaring. Deliberate cuts in gas and oil production helped to spike fuel prices. All this bad news is on top of the Afghanistan disaster, worsening racial relations, and an enfeebled president.

Democrats are running 10 points behind the Republicans in generic polls — with the midterms less than a year away. … Less than a third of the country wishes Biden to run for reelection. In many head-to-head polls, Trump now defeats Biden.

In other words, leftist elites are terrified that democracy will work too robustly.

After the Russian collusion hoax, the two impeachments, the Hunter Biden laptop stories, the staged melodramas of the Kavanaugh hearings, the Jussie Smollett con, the Covington kids smear, and the Rittenhouse trial race frenzy, the people are not just worn out by leftist hysterias, but also weary of how the Left gains power and administers it. …

They are fearful and angry not because democracy does not work, but because it does despite their own media and political efforts to warp it.

When a party becomes hijacked by radicals and uses almost any means necessary to gain and use power for agendas that few Americans support, then average voters express their disapproval.

That reality apparently terrifies an elite — which then claims any system that allows the people to vote against the Left is not people power at all.

Yep. And the left will throw another tantrum when the class that elected Trump gets back into power. DeSantis is looking pretty good:

hat-tip Stephen Neil