JFK Assassination Papers Still Secret

JFK Assassination Papers Still Secret. By the Z-Man.

The real scandal in the Kennedy case is that the American secret police were so bungling and incompetent that they missed Oswald despite many red flags. After all, this is the semi-official explanation for what happened on 9/11. We know the FBI had six million warnings that these people were up to something involving airplanes. Lost in the aftermath is the fact that the reason it happened was bureaucratic bungling.

This is one of the main weapons of a secret police unit. They bank on the opponents of the state wildly overestimating their ability. Fear of infiltration and detection is how they keep opponents from organizing. Not only is everyone worried everyone is an informant or infiltrator, but would-be plotters also think the secret police has special technology to crack their communications. It is why they pay Hollywood to make movies about the super smart intelligence agencies with super-duper spy gear.

If the full story of the Kennedy assassination revealed that the CIA and FBI was full of hacks and bunglers, that would undermine the agencies.

The texts messages made public in the FBI sedition case in 2016 revealed that the people at the top of the agency carry on like teenagers most of the time. If the people running these agencies today are that incompetent, maybe this has been true since the beginning. Maybe that is why these documents remain secret. …

From the perspective of the state, the assassination created one very big problem. It called into question the competence of the state. They needed to show they could solve the mystery. It is possible that they never did know more than what we have always known. Instead of admitting it they cooked up the official story and then locked away the “evidence” to protect their super-secret methods from the bad guys. …

Would anyone care if the truth in those files is that the Soviets helped Oswald? The Cubans? The Cold War is over so revelations about long dead commies harms no one. …

The point here is that the secret documents probably contain nothing interesting or revelatory, but their secrecy serves current ends.

Bureaucrats: is there anything they can’t or won’t do to defend and extend their empire of cosy jobs?