EU Goes ‘White Supremacist,’ Proposes Border Controls to Defend Against Weaponized Migrant Inundation

EU Goes ‘White Supremacist,’ Proposes Border Controls to Defend Against Weaponized Migrant Inundation. By Athena Thorne.

First, a little background. How many of you remember President Obama’s much-vaunted “Arab Spring” policy? Claiming to be an agent of democracy, the Lightbringer set about merrily toppling governments, backing radical militia-backed groups, and empowering terrorist organizations. Where once existed a backward yet diverse and stable region, he created a bloody crucible of civil war, retaliation, and terror.

Soon, millions of refugees and plain old opportunists were on their way to Europe, where Obama’s globalist peers flung open the gates and welcomed them. The EU’s Schengen area, initially established in 1985 to facilitate ease of travel and commerce between member nations, became a handy conduit for distributing millions of destitute, culturally illiterate new residents all about the continent. Protest was denounced as racist, xenophobic, neo-Nazi, or whatever the meanest, lowest character defamation was at the time. Sound familiar?

Por-Islamic -refugee demonstration brussels

Well, beginning last fall, the EU got into a beef with their non-member neighbor, Belarus. Belarus, which shares borders with Russia, Ukraine, and the Schengen area, is uniquely positioned to cause trouble. The EU and its allies have been cranking up sanctions on Belarus, which has responded by recruiting a stream of migrants that it then dumps inside its EU neighbors’ borders.

Reality reasserts, but is it too late?

And now, the European Commission has gone full-xenophobe-racist-white-supremacist and proposed measures that would — the horror! — strengthen its borders.

In a 50-page proposal released today, the Commission admitted what many of us have known for years: high levels of illegal, chaotic immigration are a threat to the well-being of target countries.

First of all, immigration can spread disease, and we’re in the middle of a global pandemic …

Secondly, lawless mass immigration is a political and safety threat …

With the recognition of these existential threats, the EU goes on to propose a framework for allowing member countries to toughen up their borders against the weaponized flow of illegal aliens. …

Here in the United States, our leaders can’t even bring themselves to admit the (painfully obvious) fact that mass immigration is a problem and have never shown even passing interest in sanctioning or condemning whoever is behind the systemic massive influx of aliens.

Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans (i.e. decolonization) … but white countries for everybody!?!

The globalists are whipping up anti-white sentiment, but the world only wants to migrate to white countries.