2020 election fuels a large new movement of political activists on the right

2020 election fuels a large new movement of political activists on the right. By the Vortex.

Why so many on the US right feel cheated:

The vexing question of whether Joe Biden actually won continues to haunt the American electorate, of which a full one-third insist he cheated. Even more believe that while actual cheating per se did not occur, they don’t sufficiently trust the system to produce accurate results in close races.

Just one of those is bad on its own, but, taken together, they produce a staggering lack of confidence in election results and, by extension, the government itself and whatever authority it tries to exert.

For example: Various research indicates that those who doubt (or refuse to believe) the 2020 election outcome also doubt or refuse to believe the entire COVID narrative and the constant push by government officials to mandate masks and jabs and “vaxports” and on and on. Likewise, they see themselves being railroaded by media who keep insisting claims that the election was stolen are “false” and “debunked” — while, in fact, the claims have never been “debunked” by anyone other than them. And by debunked we mean simply refused to be considered and reviewed.

On the question of debunking: Who precisely would be the expert or institution that would have the authority to decide and declare the claims are false and, therefore, debunked?

Certainly not the media who spent four years spreading outright lies about Trump (Russia and Ukraine come immediately to mind) and, even after Trump, are now pushing a phony “insurrection” claim about Jan 6.

The media, as their backup for claims of stolen election charges being debunked, keep pointing to the string of losses Trump suffered in the courts, wrongly portraying it as the courts heard the evidence and decided the election was fair and Trump lost.

But while the media have dubbed the stolen election claim “The Big Lie,” what’s actually the big lie is that the claim has been debunked. It has never been debunked, and the media’s relentless claims about it don’t make their claims true — it just makes them constant and annoying.

No court ever actually heard the actual evidence in the case. They simply ruled Trump (or voters or states or members of Congress or anyone living and breathing) didn’t have standing, so judge after judge just threw the cases out of court — including the Supreme Court.

So it’s not possible to make the claim that Trump or his surrogates around the country lost in court. They never got into court in any meaningful way.

And moreover, the courts refusing to man up and actually consider the evidence, refusing to settle the matter, has now left the matter open to nonstop speculation and action on the part of those voters who feel they were cheated — and they are legion in that belief. …

The consequences:

In fact, the entire election theft may have backfired on the Democrats despite the reality that Joe Biden is in the White House …

The sense of theft and being cheated has so ticked off enormous numbers of people that they have now become activists on all levels of the political process.

For example, in Virginia’s recent gubernatorial race between Democratic hack, phony Catholic, and child-killer Terry McAuliffe and newcomer Republican Glenn Youngkin, a veritable army of Republican poll watchers fanned out across the state and manned hundreds of early voting locations, Election Day precincts, drop-off ballot mailboxes and so forth (3,500, in fact), causing the Loudon County general registrar to tell The Washington Post she’d never seen anything like it, especially for a midterm election.

But that’s just a smidgeon of what ticked off Republicans are doing around the nation. In place after place, but especially in battleground states where they control the state legislatures, Republican activists are mobilizing on different fronts. Some are stepping up and making sure that “RINOs” in their statehouses — now understood as those who did not back challenging the 2020 results — are primaried and removed.

Likewise with congressional candidates running for reelection — and as Trump recently said of Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger: “Two down, eight to go” (referring to the total of 10 who refused to back him and went along with the Nancy Pelosi narrative). …

As of today, the anti-RINO, pro-Trump, we’re-mad-as-hell crowd has all the momentum. Biden’s pathetic first year, a crashing economy, polling numbers in the toilet, non-stop mockery summed up in the “let’s go Brandon,” all of it, frankly, is scaring the hell out of Democrats. …

The Republican Party is going through a reordering — some might call it a purge — and it’s happening on a grand scale.

The end goal is the recapturing of the White House in 2024, but, in the process, large swaths of the country are also being refashioned. A few years from now it may turn out that, in hindsight, the worst thing the Democrats could have done was steal that 2020 election. It’s become the fuel for a large new movement of political activists and candidates that no one really saw coming and that shows no signs of going away.

You won’t hear that from the media, which only reports what the ruling class wants you to know.

Stephen H:

Sounds like every Trump lover’s dream come true.

But will most all the RINOs really be primaried? Will the hitherto feckless Republican-controlled stare legislatures who failed Trump, Republican voters and the electoral system so miserably in 2020 really grow some cojones and stop the fraud? Is all of this just wishful thinking? Time will tell.

hat-tip Stephen Harper