Webster’s Word Games and the ‘Anti-Vaxxer’

Webster’s Word Games and the ‘Anti-Vaxxer’. By Rabbi Chananya Weissman.

Merriam-Webster recently revised its definition of the term “anti-vaxxer”. This has generated a great deal of backlash about what changes they made, presumably to suit the establishment agenda.

That, in turn, generated the predictable condescending response from the establishment and its horde of spin-doctors and “fact-checkers”, who employed their usual tactics to conclude that those sounding alarms about this change are fools and agenda-driven liars spreading false information. This will be sanctified as irrefutable fact by their colleagues in the establishment media and the technocrats for whom they work, who will instruct their platforms to censor the opposition. Not long after, they will issue calls for their co-workers in government to persecute those who express the now-debunked position.

Lost in all the hoopla is a close look at Merriam-Webster’s actual definitions of “anti-vaxxer” and “vaccine” at present, irrespective of what they did or didn’t change. Here they are in full, followed by my commentary:

Definition of anti-vaxxer: a person who opposes the use of vaccines or regulations mandating vaccination.

All the fuss has been focused around whether and when Merriam-Webster introduced the last part into their definition of “anti-vaxxer”. To me, while interesting, that is less important.

The real significance is that, according to Merriam-Webster, everyone who supports the Nuremberg Code and the principle of informed consent is, by definition, an anti-vaxxer. Even if one has shot himself and his children up with every concoction declared by the pharmaceutical overlords to be a vaccine, even if they have gladly signed up for a lifetime subscription of every new “vaccine” they churn out, if they are against forcing people to take it, they are “anti-vaxxers”. …

It’s a new world:

The tables have officially been turned. The term “anti-vaxxer” is no longer a pejorative to slander and mock those who are against any or all “vaccines”.

The term now means anyone who is against forcing people to kneel.

Perhaps the establishment believes their spell is so powerful that those who already live in terror of being called an “anti-vaxxer” will go along with this part of the definition as well. They will support forcing people to be injected with any and all crap, or at least look the other way, to protect themselves from having the dreaded“anti-vaxxer” tag slapped on them, with all that entails.

Well for years they got away with silencing opposition merely by shouting “racist.”

Of course, they also changed the definition of “racist” from “someone who discriminates on the basis of race”, to “someone who doesn’t support black privilege and the woke racial agenda” or simply to “white person”. In woke eyes (only), treating everyone the same (colorblind) went from being non-racist to racist.

“Anti-vaxxer” is just word-smithing lefties up to their old tricks.

hat-tip Stephen Neil