The Family Dynamics of Democrat Annoyance

The Family Dynamics of Democrat Annoyance. By Steve Sailer’s friend.

White Americans, and specifically the white working class, are to the Democratic Party the now embarrassing and superfluous children from a previous marriage. The one they had with the “starter wife.” The marriage from before they had made it and had to make cringe compromises.

Immigrants and POC are the children they’re proud to have now with their second wife. They represent the future and the true genealogical line they tend to like a garden. They are to be spoiled and they have anxiety that they get into the best schools and live up to their potential.

A lot of the Democratic Party’s ill feelings towards the white working class is resentment, of having had to have put up with them in some sort of vague Marxist worship of the working classes. But ill will is also out of a sense of guilt. They need to hate the white working class out of guilt for replacing them in their coalition.

Sure seems like that.