China’s Energy Dream

China’s Energy Dream. By Patricia Adams. From the executive summary:

China’s insistence at COP 26 on language that endorsed continued fossil fuel use has its roots in two urgent needs.

Firstly, without coal, oil, and gas, China’s economy would decline, discrediting the legitimacy of communist rule.

Just as important, without fossil fuels Chinese president Xi
Jinping would be unable to reach his overarching goal — to make China the world’s supreme power by the year 2049, the centennial of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

China uses the climate agenda both as a way to strengthen its economy and as a weapon for weakening other countries. It now monopolises the global wind and solar industries, although its
own renewable energy infrastructure, as everywhere, is unreliable (and therefore requires thermal generation backup), costly, and subject to high rates of curtailment. But its domestic renewables
sites serve as effective demonstration projects for tours by Western environmentalists, who then lobby their governments to buy these expensive and unreliable forms of energy. When they do, it
gives China two wins for the West’s two losses.

On the same model of profiting from the sale to the West of crippling technologies, China hopes to dominate the electric vehicle market.

By pursuing unilateral climate policies, Western countries are hobbling their economies through rising energy costs, power blackouts and other supply shortages as surely as wartime saboteurs might, only the damage is self-inflicted and systemwide.

No weapon is more potent at crippling Western economies than the net zero agenda. China’s army here includes western environmental NGOs and media, who together give naïve politicians their marching orders.

For the Communist regime to survive, and that is surely the CCP’s top priority, fossil fuels for economic growth must be secure, explaining why all the state’s resources are rallied to the task.

The pursuit of CO2 reductions within China would serve neither the goal of preserving Communist rule nor becoming the world’s foremost superpower by 2049. To China’s leadership, it is a
no-brainer. As far as the CCP is concerned, carbon dioxide reductions only make sense for those it wishes to harm and supplant.

The CCP is taking the world for a ride. Why does our ruling class allow them, and why is west becoming more like China?