“Australia Is in a Dark Place,” Says Senator Alex Antic

“Australia Is in a Dark Place,” Says Senator Alex Antic. By Rod Lampard.

Another Australian senator has stepped up to oppose the political class’s embrace of COVID-19 powers as if they were permanent, unbridled, and unlimited. Last week, South Australian Senator Alex Antic (LNP) joined the ranks of dissenters …

Growing political opposition to the power-drunk health bureaucracy signals a wind of change in the Australian political milieu since CCP-19 took over the world.

From mid-2020, the balance of power has been shifting into the hands of an unelected bureaucratic caste, who appear to see the power on loan to them as some form of elitist entitlement.

Power is being used arbitrarily with government permission, without the informed consent of the governed.

For evidence of this look at the lack of transparency from the health bureaucracy.

Antic said they have it “incumbent upon them to provide the medical advice they are following” under freedom of information laws, but appear reluctant to play by F.O.I rules. Why are health bureaucrats hiding information? Why the apparently deliberate obfuscation? …

The double standards, inconsistency and gagging of facts also raise questions about where, and from whom, health bureaucrats have been taking their advice. …

The fact representatives like Antic, Christensen, Roberts, Kelly and Rennick are seemingly being railroaded by a bloated bureaucracy, and big media, suggests they’re hitting a raw nerve, and are perhaps closer to the truth than Australia’s political class wants them to be.

If you’re not getting flak then you’re not over the target.