“When Science Mixes With Politics, All We Get Is Politics…”

“When Science Mixes With Politics, All We Get Is Politics…” By Robert Arvay.

I just finished reading an article on the Big Think website titled, “When science mixes with politics, all we get is politics,” by Professor Marcelo Gleiser, theoretical physicst, Dartmouth College.  I mistakenly thought that the commentary would decry the misuse of science by politicians, but no.  Instead, it decries the mistrust that we, the unwashed masses, have developed for the science establishment in recent years. …

He does what so many of his colleagues do, which is to equate science itself, with the institutions that purport to advance science. To question politicized scientists, then, is supposedly unscientific. …

That’s because “science” is no longer the method of determining the truth that relies on empirical observation instead of politics — which was revolutionary when it first came into vogue a couple of hundred years ago.

The bureaucrats have changed the meaning of the word. Increasingly, “science” now means the old method of determining truth. “Science” has been subverted. It now conforms to the dominant political narrative. The bureaucrats choose which scientists to bless with their funds and important titles, and thus they get the results they want. The “science” institutions today are full of obedient plodders who obey their paymasters. Real science is pretty much dead now, and scientific breakthroughs have all but dried up.

Epidemiologists, virologists and physicians who do not toe the party line regarding COVID have been intimidated and silenced. Science that cannot be openly questioned is not science, since the heart and soul of science is to scrutinize every claim from every angle.

If we are to be told that we must follow the science, then scientists must explain to us the inductive reasoning that was applied to exclude members of Congress, and their staffs, from the COVID restrictions they imposed on the rest of us. If scientists are to decry those of us who doubt their word, then they must equally decry the policy of distributing unvaccinated, untested illegal aliens to every state, while denying entry to legal travelers.

To decry only the skeptics, while ignoring the egregious anti-science of many politicians, does nothing to engender trust in the institutions of science. It does the opposite.

There are several “science” issues today where the narrative flies in the face of reality but the bought-and-paid-for “science’ establishment supports their paymasters. Climate, covid, transgender, sex and race differences, …

hat-tip Stephen Neil