The media will never apologize for going all in on Jussie Smollett

The media will never apologize for going all in on Jussie Smollett. By Stephen Miller.

Not a single writer, or pundit, or CNN anchor, or MSNBC host, who pushed how grotesque this “attack” was will stare down the camera during one of their shows, and say “I was wrong — we need to be better.” They have had ample opportunity to do so. …

[CNN’s] Oliver Darcy, launched into an accusatory tirade against “bad-faith actors on the right” and Sean Hannity, for simply taking notice of their own screw-up. Darcy then fleshed this out more in a CNN piece: “How Sean Hannity and right-wing media personalities are using the Smollett verdict to attack the media.” If Oliver Darcy and his pals don’t want his worst nemesis pointing out their massive failure of journalistic curiosity, then perhaps they should stop proving their critics right.

The people who were skeptical all along of Smollett’s lies are not at fault. Oliver Darcy is. So is Robin Roberts, who platformed Smollett and comforted him instead of questioning him. Every Twitter pundit and journalist who leapt into his corner without an ounce of doubt is at fault. Blame these people for making the same mistakes, and never apologizing to their readers and their audiences afterwards.