Clinical psychologist warns of totalitarianism, atrocity resulting from mass COVID buy-in

Clinical psychologist warns of totalitarianism, atrocity resulting from mass COVID buy-in. By Ashley Sadler.

Why, in the face of historical atrocities like the Holocaust and the horrific genocides committed by the Soviet Union, does our luxurious modern society appear to be marching toward the demonization and ostracization (or worse) of those opposed to the dominant regime?

Dr. Mattias Desmet, professor of clinical psychology at Ghent University in Belgium, has a word for it.

He says it’s an example of the psychological concept of “mass formation,” a kind of broad scale hypnosis that causes large groups of people to band together to fight a common enemy with complete lack of concern for the loss of individual rights, privileges, and even well-being.

According to Desmet, historical analysis shows that such “mass formation” can be the first step toward totalitarianism and the commission of atrocity in the name of collective welfare. …

Desmet described a process of so-called “mass formation,” a kind of hypnotic state in which people around the world were able to offload their loneliness, their frustrations, their “free-floating anxiety,” and their dissatisfaction with jobs and lifestyles they considered meaningless onto the COVID-19 narrative promulgated by the corporate media, government officials, and global elites

Desmet said the COVID narrative has presented millions of disaffected moderns with an identifiable enemy, a battle plan to combat it, camaraderie with fellow soldiers, and something for which to sacrifice even their most fundamental rights and liberties ostensibly for the common good, which he said “leads to a kind of mental intoxication of connectedness, which is the real reason why people continue to buy into the narrative, even if it’s utterly absurd or blatantly wrong.”

“This corona narrative allows them to deal in a less painful way with their anxieties,” he said. …

If it doesn’t work, it’s because some people aren’t trying hard enough … so double down:

Indeed, as the pandemic has worn on and major elements of the narrative crumbled, … COVID adherents have only become more zealous and have learned to personalize the enemy, shifting their sights onto those who don’t comply with draconian rules that have failed to suppress the virus, and blaming them for the restrictions and mandates they themselves have voluntarily adopted.

Desmet said those caught in the grip of the COVID hypnosis don’t want to be alerted to the fact that the narrative they follow is demonstrably false, because they don’t want to lose the sense of purpose they have derived from it.

Attempting to awaken them from their stupor, he said, instead generates a violent response no doubt familiar to many who have attempted to discuss the matter with friends and relatives.
According to Desmet, people who have signed on to the “new normal” don’t want to be nudged back into an “old normal” in which their lives felt less significant; in which they weren’t a part of a global effort to save the world through the attempted eradication of a single virus. An old normal in which their “free-floating frustrations” can’t be channeled toward a single, heroic aim.

Instead, Desmet argued the answer is not necessarily to attempt to wake up the hypnotized, but instead to guide them toward a different fight that rejects both the old meaninglessness and the new authoritarianism.

The history of forcible human sacrifice is not promising:

If that task is not accomplished, Desmet issued a stark warning: Once a population has bought into a narrative that justifies totalitarian control, the annihilation of foundational rights and freedoms, censorship of dissenting opinions, and the demonization of the class of people who don’t comply, history shows atrocities soon follow, justified under the banner of the common good.

“Masses stand to commit atrocities as if they perform a holy duty,” Desmet said. “That’s very typical. What they actually feel is that by trying to destroy the dissonant voices [they] actually protect the collective … and satisfy a certain need to channel frustration and aggression.”

The more jabs you have, the more virtuous you are. I predict some people will be clamoring for monthly — no, weekly! — jabs within two years.