Climate candidates not independent of funding or ambition

Climate candidates not independent of funding or ambition. By Jennifer Oriel.

Climate 200 Pty Ltd is a cashed-up green group founded by the son of Robert Holmes a Court, Australia’s first billionaire. Simon Holmes a Court inherited wealth from his mining magnate father and lobbies against the industry that built his fortune. The other major funder of Climate 200 is billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes, whose net worth Forbes estimated to be $22.9bn. He described the group as a “non-partisan, non-profit project”. Its aim is to assist political candidates running on climate change and integrity tickets, according to the ABC.

For the 2019 election campaign, Climate 200 donated about $450,000 to promote a dozen climate-centric independents. Cannon-Brooks donated $50,000 while Holmes a Court reportedly gave half that amount. …

Despite the cash and confidence behind the campaign, most of the candidates failed. Climate 200 is back again, but this time it is funding a group called “Voices for” that gives the impression the independents are grassroots. Climate 200 has substantially increased its funding to $3.6m. In political terms, its candidates look like a coalition party with shared agendas on climate and gender as well as some common funding sources. However, they are marketed as anti-politics. …

If a dozen candidates were bankrolled by oil barons, would they be viewed as independent? It is unlikely. However, being funded by green barons seems to dull public scrutiny.

Two of the Liberals targeted by left-leaning independents are Frydenberg, who represents the Melbourne seat of Kooyong, and member for the Sydney seat of Wentworth, Dave Sharma. …

The Canberra bubble could soon be bursting with independents. Millionaire minions and billion-dollar babies are vying to secure their place in history as rebels with a virtuous cause. Before casting your vote, ask your local candidate how much their virtue will cost taxpayers and request a copy of their economic plan to reduce our national debt.

Here’s their pitch:

They say they want to support candidates “committed to a science-based response to the climate crisis and restoring integrity to our politics“.

Don’t we all?

There is no climate crisis, as any number of scientists independent of the climate industry and its paymasters will testify.

Only the bureaucracies fund climate scientists, and they only fund those who give them the answers they want. They also fund most other scientists, who consequently would prefer to go along. Global warming gives the bureaucrats the chance to rule the whole world, controlling emissions and energy use everywhere (because it’s no use controlling your emissions if your neighbor is emitting “too much”). Empire building doesn’t come much more ambitious.  You think they are interested in the truth?

The renewables industry is huge, and are making a bonanza out of this fake crisis. You think they are interested in the truth?