What to do with Australia’s most successful vax researcher for decades? Sack him.

What to do with Australia’s most successful vax researcher for decades? Sack him. By Joanne Nova.

The South Australian government has declared there will be no more “exemptions” from mandates for people who take part in clinical trials. So workers taking a locally made vaccine, called Covax-19, will have to take approved vaccines as well or get sacked.

Covax-19 is a traditional old fashioned protein vaccine. It’s still the old WuFlu spike, though without the furin cleavage sequence (which probably makes it safer). It’s been approved for use in Iran, and given to two million people there, remarkably with apparently no incidence of myocarditis or blood clots. Perhaps that’s the problem — it’s a threat to the current vaccines?

Since Prof Nikolai Petrovski tested Covax on himself before testing it on others, he may have to be sacked for not also getting vaccinated with an approved vaccine. He is no longer allowed to attend Flinders University or the Flinders Medical Centre …

The problem, it seems, was that Covax-19 was too popular.

“A number of prominent local social media platforms have been advocating for people to avoid having vaccines approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) by signing up to planned COVAX-19 clinical trials.” — COVID-19 vaccine mandate loophole closed

And we wouldn’t want people to have a choice, would we?

It’s not that Petrovsky’s vax didn’t work or caused harm. It was because people might be signing up to avoid getting Pfizer, Moderna or Astrazenica. And if that were the case, surely the solution would be to rush supplies of Covax to Australia? It’s what the hesitant people want after all. But that’s not what the SA government suggested. …

Who needs Australian made vaccines, Australian expertise, and Australian profits? It’s so much better to have supply lines to Marburg and Massachusetts with vaccines approved through secret data by the FDA.

It’s almost as if the bureaucrats weren’t so much interested in our health (banning this better vaccine, ivermectin, HCQ, early treatment, etc.), but in getting us all injected with their special vaccines.