The Covid Vaccines Have Failed

The Covid Vaccines Have Failed. By David Archibald.

Sometimes it is necessary to state the obvious. The efficacy of the vaccines, not complete to start with, falls away rapidly. This is demonstrated by a graph from November, from a study based on a cohort of military veterans in the US: …

The response to the failure of the vaccines has been to double down on stupidity and have booster shots. But each shot of vaccine comes with its own spin of Russian roulette. This year in Scotland, ambulance attendances for cardiac events have been running at up to 500 per week above normal, mainly in the 15 to 64 age group. This equates to 0.2% of the vaccinated. This effect does not capture vaccine damage to other organs besides the heart, or damage insufficient to trigger a cardiac event. Vaccine damage is cumulative.

I had estimated 0.5%. Whatever. In Scotland the vaccines are causing heart damage sufficient to send you to hospital in about 1 in a thousand or one in a hundred cases, not one in a million like we were told.

Early in the pandemic the advice I was given by a pharmaceutical veteran was that it is not possible to develop a vaccine worthy of the name for a corona virus. That prediction holds true. Vast sums were spent in the attempt to make a vaccine for HIV which was eventually controlled by a cocktail of five [anti-viral] drugs. The second part of her advice is that we cannot live with this virus and hope to maintain a functioning civilisation. Each infection does some damage, and the damage is cumulative. Eventually it will affect fertility. …

The vaccines have failed, so what to do? Thankfully there are more advanced civilisations on the planet that are using evidence-based science instead of blind faith. And we can get guidance from what has worked for them. Firstly there was the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh:

In a population of 204 million, new covid cases peaked at 35,311 on 25th April, 2021. Cases are now down to 10 per day. Uttar Pradesh used ivermectin to achieve this result.

Japan followed suit, using ivermectin to achieve this result:

Beyond ivermectin, Japan has adopted the following approach to covid:

  1. Only people who have symptoms are tested for covid.
  2. Each positive person is isolated in hospital and provided with early treatment.
  3. The system in Japan operates 24/7 as case numbers do not appear to taper off on Saturday and Sunday.

By comparison, current Australian medical practice is to deny early treatment, with the result that a higher proportion of the infected end up hospitalized with a higher proportion dead.

Let’s not forget the third world country of Indonesia who have proved to be a lot smarter than our political class. They also did it with ivermectin:

There are now plenty of anecdotes, such as this one, of individuals curing themselves with a cocktail of drugs based on ivermectin — ivermectin, vitamin C, vitamin D3, quercetin and zinc. Ivermectin remains banned in Australia by a globalist health bureaucracy that wants to force people towards vaccination. …


While people know what they don’t like, nobody has yet told them what the optimum response to covid is. So this is what Australia should do with respect to covid:

  1. Make up a once-per-day pill totaling 700 mg which will contain:

Ivermectin                10 mg

Vitamin D3               0.25 mg (10,000 IU)

Vitamin C                  100 mg

Quercetin                  210 mg

N-acetyl cysteine     100 mg

Zinc gluconate         280 mg (40 mg of elemental zinc)

And make this available in Australian pharmacies, online and in grocery stores. Individuals may supplement that with injectable vitamin C if they wished. Oral vitamin C uptake drops off rapidly above 100 mg per dose.

  1. Adopt a zero covid policy, as China is doing, until it is clear whether or not the virus is doing long term damage and that damage is quantified.
  2. Adopt the Japanese approach to case management. …

The first political party to adopt this approach will be guaranteed at least two senators per state in next year’s federal election.