Hollywood’s Next Illusion: The Great Replacement

Hollywood’s Next Illusion: The Great Replacement. By David Cole.

Beginning last summer and culminating in codified industry-wide rules this year, Hollywood now has a pronounced cap on white casting. Amazon Studios set the numbers: no more than 30% white males on any project, no more than 30% white females, and that latter number must include trannies (dudes in wigs), so a good percentage of those “white females” are not females at all, because eliminating white female faces was always the ultimate goal in the effort to artificially influence traditional beauty standards.

Meanwhile, 40% of all casting must be black.

And this time the ethnic cleansing is working. I’ve done three casting gigs this year, and from speaking with hundreds of white actors, I can attest that at the moment they’re unemployable, while my black actor friends (fine actors all of them, and greatly deserving of employment) literally do not stop working, though by edict not skill (skilled though they are).

I recently watched a King Arthur movie, where the presence of two black actors as knights was jarring. The dialog even acknowledges it, the main character joking that he couldn’t be Bedivere’s kid — because Bedivere was black. There’s a glimpse of black Bedivere at 1:17 and 1:20: