The Vaccines Don’t Reduce Transmission

The Vaccines Don’t Reduce Transmission. By Eugyppius.

It’s an old point, but as vaccine mandates are proposed across the world, it bears repeating: It is highly doubtful that the vaccines do anything to reduce transmission at all.

In all likelihood, they merely reduce your chances of testing positive for several months, because they moderate the symptoms of infection and because governments subject the unvaccinated to closer diagnostic scrutiny.

Graphs like this one, from the Swedish matched cohort study, merely compare rates of confirmed symptomatic infection.

They don’t confirm that SARS-2 is actually less prevalent among the vaccinated or suppressed in highly vaccinated populations.

The more you control for different rates of testing, the harder it gets to find vaccine effectiveness against transmission, and the more you start stumbling over evidence of negative efficacy. …

When you test everyone all the time regardless of vaccination status, a very different picture emerges.

The reason the bureaucrats want to vaccinate children is to achieve herd immunity. They think they can almost eliminate covid by vaccinating everyone, then mopping up the rest using contact tracing and isolation of the few infected people and their contacts.

It’s immoral, and it won’t work.

Children almost never die from covid. In the younger cohorts, the harm from vaccines definitely outweighs the benefits from vaccines — for the individuals. The bureaucrats insist they get vaccinated in order to confer benefits on the group. In other words, the children are getting deliberately harmed (statistically) in order to increase the (statistical) protection for the oldies. That’s immoral.

For the foreseeable future, society will be constantly reinfected with covid due to cross-border travel and from the many animal populations that are now harboring covid. The first generation vaccines barely reduce transmission, and the variants are inevitably becoming more contagious and better at evading vaccines. (Let’s pray they don’t also become more dangerous — the third leg of Marek’s disease.) So vaccinating everyone will not even come close to herd immunity. So vaccinating children is ineffective.

When are they going to break out the anti-virals?