Almost 2000 WA public servants refuse COVID-19 jab after vaccination deadline

Almost 2000 WA public servants refuse COVID-19 jab after vaccination deadline. By Peter de Kruijff.

About 2.5 per cent of the 77,552 public servants in the West Australian government required to have received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine by last Wednesday have been told not to come to work after refusing the jab.

Across 81 government entities, 1938 people refused to get vaccinated, about 853 went on long-term leave, with the government unable to determine their vaccination status, and about 155 have been exempted.

We know people who are being forced to get the jab because they need their job. They are very unhappy about it. They know the vax is of limited ability, can have nasty side effects, and is becoming more useless with each new variant. They would rather be allowed to take ivermectin, and don’t appreciate their body being violated by the bureaucrats.

UPDATE: Only Vaccinated farmers can sell their grain in Western Australia after Dec 31. By Jenne Bremmer. By government decree.

WA’s bulk grain handler CBH has told its 3700 grower members they will not be allowed to enter its sites to deliver grain after December 31, unless they have had their first COVID-19 vaccination.

CBH employees, contractors and visitors will also need to have received their first COVID-19 vaccination dose by the end of the month and be fully vaccinated by January 31 in order to enter a CBH site or office. …

Acting chief executive Ben Macnamara … said $100,000 fines would apply for each incident of non-compliance. …

He added CBH was exploring the possibility of hosting mobile vaccination clinics to help farmers get their jabs.

hat-tip Stephen Neil