World has stockpiled ‘more Covid-19 jabs than it can use’

World has stockpiled ‘more Covid-19 jabs than it can use’. By Ben Spencer.

Adar Poonawalla, chief executive of the Serum Institute of India, warned that stocks may go out of date because demand has dipped below supply. Distribution and infrastructure challenges — along with significant vaccine hesitancy worldwide — have now replaced manufacturing as the key factor limiting global vaccination, he said. …

Poonawalla, whose plant in Pune, in the western state of Maharashtra, produces 280 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine each month and 80 million jabs for other diseases, said vaccines were ready to be delivered but even the most vulnerable countries were not placing orders.

He said he was particularly bewildered by politicians in Africa, where only 11 per cent of the population has been vaccinated and yet orders had been slow to materialise.

“It’s a combination of vaccine hesitancy and nations not coming forward and placing orders in the way in which they claim they would, particularly the African nations.” …

“Everywhere I hear the World Health Organisation and others talking about vaccine inequality, but the African nations are refusing to place orders. We’ve barely got 20 million doses worth of orders from the African nations. They’re going very slow, claiming that they’re waiting for donations from the US and other reasons. So there’s a bit of a disconnect.”

“We’ve got so much vaccine now that we’ve got more than we can vaccinate on a monthly basis in India. The concern is very much that in a month or two shelf life could be an issue.”

Those African countries have been taking ivermectin for parasites for years. Notice how they are scarcely affected by covid? What would they want vaccines for?

Whoever is behind the push to vaccinate the whole world must see ivermectin as Enemy No. 1. This is their kryptonite:

Japan and most of India too. Why won’t the western media mention it? This smells, badly.