The unvaccinated are being “othered”

The unvaccinated are being “othered”. By John Riddick.

Minority persecution starts with murmurs of them (!) being a threat and then it gets whipped up by ‘leaders’ to become a tempest of irrational malice. It’s mankind at our worst. Civilised societies are meant to have overcome this primeval urge.

The mobs of history share one characteristic — a self-righteousness intoxication that those unclean bastards must be harmed. When it’s pointed out they resemble the mobs of the past they reply, We reject past mobs, but this contemporary situation is nothing like that. Just shut up and let’s get ‘em!’

Today’s defenceless minority are those who have resisted the COVID vaccine. The world is against us — politicians, the public service, corporate media, big business, courts, police, and too often our friends. We cannot compare the treatment of the unvaccinated to the pogroms of the past but there are unmistakable early warning signs.

When an unintellectual dope with a soapbox like Ray Hadley compares the unvaccinated to supporters of Hitler and paedophiles we are on a dark downward trajectory. Disgraced former NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian said with disgust she didn’t want to be in the same room as an unvaccinated person …

The escalating malice towards the unvaccinated is the early stages of mankind’s worst impulses. The good news is that mobs eventually burn out – the only question is how much damage will be done to the liberal fabric between now and then?

Is it about the money?

When five pharmaceutical companies announced in 2020 their intention to develop a COVID vaccine, headlines trumpeted they would not be making a profit (we’re all in this together etc). The public were not told that only AstraZeneca made that commitment. Two weeks ago, AstraZeneca backslid telling shareholders they will reap as much profit as they can. The reversal barely made the news. …

Why nurses quit but doctors stay:

I asked a doctor recently why nurses are quitting instead of doctors. His answer was simple — many nurses have a partner they can rely on financially, but doctors are breadwinners and can’t afford to dissent.

We’ve met a few nurses here in Perth who got the jab under protest. They say that the Perth hospitals are full, with many “complicated” patients, and many stroke victims.

This is significant, because Perth is one of the few western cities that has not had covid. So all the deviations from normal here are due to the vaccines, not the coronavirus.

The signs that Omicron is less harmful than delta are mounting. It will be too early to say until Christmas, because it generally takes three weeks to die of covid. Hopefully this is the first step in covid’s long journey to becoming just another coronavirus, like the common cold.