Poll: Majority of US Voters ‘Concerned’ About ‘Potential of Harmful Side Effects’ of Vaccines

Poll: Majority of US Voters ‘Concerned’ About ‘Potential of Harmful Side Effects’ of Vaccines. By Hannah Bleau.

A Rasmussen Reports survey … found that

  • 65 percent are at least “somewhat” confident in the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine,
  • 54 percent also say they are “concerned” about the “potential of harmful side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine.” …
  • 27 percent are “very” concerned …
  • a quarter say they are “not very concerned” …
  • 19 percent say they are “not at all concerned.”

Notably 64 percent of Republicans, specifically, say they are concerned about the potential of harmful side effects, and 52 percent of independents and 45 percent of Democrats share that concern.

Is the tide turning? Despite the most intense propaganda effort we’ve seen in decades, a good chunk of the population are now aware that the vaccines can cause quite a lot of harm.

We started by presuming that the covid vaccines were like other vaccines, protecting you, killing the disease, and almost harmless. But since then the movement has relentlessly been in one direction — they either don’t work as well, or are more harmful. The risk-benefit balance just keeps getting worse and worse.

None of the subsequent news about vaccines has been good. The western ruling class is all in on vaccines. No wonder they are trying so hard to suppress the news.

hat-tip Stephen Neil