Is the Tide Turning on Vaccines?

Is the Tide Turning on Vaccines? By Vox Populi.

What are the odds that a global vaccination campaign led by vocal global depopulationists in support of new vaccine technology that has never been successfully tested by massive pharmaceutical companies that insist on complete legal immunity before delivering the vaccines for massive profits might, possibly, perhaps, result in adverse effects for its victims?

If a posturing charlatan like [Scott] Adams is starting to worry that he got it wrong [by endorsing the first-generation vaccines], that’s a guarantee that plenty of politicians and corporate executives are beginning to realize that they have collectively made the worst mistake of their lives.

Sadly, almost no one in the western propa-sphere has heard of ivermectin, and or have any idea of what happened in India, Indonesia, or Japan. They think their choices are limited to the jab or the bug, and are mystified about why most of Africa has scarcely noticed covid.