Inside Australia’s Covid Quarantine

Inside Australia’s Covid Quarantine. By Freddie Sayers.

Hayley Hodgson, 26, moved to Darwin from Melbourne to escape the never-ending lockdowns — only to find herself locked up in a Covid Internment Camp without even having the virus. …

It all began when a friend of hers tested positive. She recounts how investigators came to her home shortly afterwards, having run the numberplate of her scooter to identify her as a ‘close contact’. They asked if she had done a Covid test, and in the moment she lied and said she had, when she in fact had not yet. This set in train an extraordinary series of events.

“So then the police officers blocked my driveway,” she says. “I walked out and I said, “what’s going on, are you guys testing me for COVID? What’s happening?” They said, “no, you’re getting taken away. And you have no choice. You’re going to Howard Springs. You either come with us now, and we’ll put you in the back of the divvy van. Or you can have a choice to get a ‘COVID cab’… I just said, “I don’t consent to this. I don’t understand why I can’t just self-isolate at home, like a lot of other people are doing.” And they just said, “we’ve just been told from higher up where to take you. And that’s all that there is.”

She was ordered to pack a bag and was told that she could be released once she tested negative. Collected in the back of a rented van, she was then transported to Howard Springs. On arrival, she was told that she would have to stay there for the full 14 days:

You literally get put on the back of a golf buggy with your bags. And these people are in hazmat suits and everything. They don’t want to come near you because they think you’re infectious. And they literally drop you to your room. And they leave you. They don’t come and say anything, they don’t check up, they don’t do anything. You get delivered your meals once a day. And you are just left.

– Hayley Hodgson, UnHerdTV

She was tested three times during the 14 days, and on each occasion tested negative.

At one stage she was disciplined for leaving the confines of her cabin without a mask and was threatened with a $5000 AUD fine. On another occasion, she told how she was offered Valium to calm her down. …

The state’s Howard Springs centre has been described by the Australian Government as ‘the safest and most functional design for quarantine in Australia’. It has served as a model for quarantine camps elsewhere in the country, with the Australian Government partnering with state governments to deliver ‘Centres for National Resilience’ in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. These are all expected to be completed in the next 6 months.

Well, it’s a quarantine facility. If people could come and go as they pleased, there wouldn’t be any point, would there? So of course it’s backed up by force of law.

However, the time for that is surely over. Australia opened up to international travel a few weeks ago, and thus — inevitably — to covid. There was only ever a point in paying the high price — in terms of restrictions — to get back to zero covid when the borders were shut, so we could go back to long periods of (near) zero restrictions. That period has passed.

One can also imagine detention in quarantine being justified for serious diseases, such as for people suspected of carrying ebola. But covid? Besides, we have antivirals and vaccines now.

The bureaucracy is carrying on its own momentum, seemingly immune to community opinion about overreach.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Pacific, Scott reports that:

Restaurants and other businesses are starting to ask for “our papers” here in LA. I refuse to go into those businesses. The world has gone truly MAD!

When we were in Arizona last week, no one wearing a mask, no one even trying to enforce it. Some employees of businesses were, but that’s it.

The LEFT has truly divided the USA.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific