oe Biden’s handle on coronavirus ‘greatest public policy failure of all time’

Joe Biden’s handle on coronavirus ‘greatest public policy failure of all time’. By Tucker Carlson.

Look at the numbers compared to 2019. Americans now are poorer, more isolated, more physically unhealthy, more fearful, and sadder than they have been in generations, maybe ever. Depression has skyrocketed. Church attendance has dropped in half. Cancer deaths are up dramatically; so is obesity, hypertension, diabetes, strokes among young people, suicide, drug ODs. You name it, it’s up – these, in addition to countless other serious social pathologies.

People are not having children, for example. Maybe most depressingly, a new study from researchers at Brown finds that children, kids born during the pandemic have, “significantly reduced verbal motor and overall cognitive performance” – an entire generation slower.

So that’s a legitimate public health crisis. All of these are legitimate public health crises, but you never hear about them because the attention of our leaders is focused on COVID and particularly on the COVID vaccines.

More vaccines, Joe Biden has told us repeatedly, are the answer, really the only answer. By and large, Americans have followed Biden’s lead. They believe the president. As of tonight, about 82% of the entire adult population of the United States has received a COVID shot. In total, more than 232 million Americans have been vaccinated as the largest inoculation campaign in our history.

You hear a lot about people who’ve resisted the shot, but most people haven’t. In fact, more Americans have received the COVID vaccine than have a job or own a car or speak English as a first language. Effectively, pretty much everybody has had the shot. The country did what Joe Biden asked. We achieved universal vaccination.

So what are the results of this? Let’s see: More Americans have died from COVID in 2021 than died in 2020, before there was a shot. There were 362,000 deaths from COVID last year. So far this year, there have been 414,000 deaths. Overall, the United States has the highest number of COVID deaths of any country on the planet by far.

So we gave up everything to fight COVID — we gave up our economy, our culture, our health. We literally stopped educating our own children. We did all of this in order to lower COVID deaths. And yet COVID deaths went up anyway, and they went up dramatically. …

It looks like the greatest public policy failure of all time.

Who can they blame?

No one in charge has even acknowledged the magnitude of the failure. They haven’t had to acknowledge it because they’ve created a scapegoat to take the blame for it. The scapegoat is called the unvaccinated phrase that everyone understands is essentially political. It means working-class Whites who probably voted for Trump. This is all their fault. Everything bad they did.

Over the weekend, various White House officials blamed this group not simply for COVID, but for virtually everything that has gone wrong since Joe Biden has become president. And there’s a lot. The collapse of the U.S. dollar, supply chain implosions, empty shelves in stores, labor shortages, even rising gas prices.

Watch the White House press secretary suggest that the unvaccinated are somehow responsible for inflation:

Psaki: I would note, though, that the way most Americans understand and feel and experience inflation is by cost increases, right? And they experience that as it relates, and we see what the largest impacts on cost increases are across the country, whether it’s gas prices, or in some cases food prices, or a variety of issues. We know what the root causes of those are, right? Global supply chain issues. The best thing we can do as a government is to get the pandemic under control.

And we can’t get the pandemic under control until you get the shot, despite the fact that more than 80% of the entire adult population has already gotten the shot. So we printed too much money because you haven’t been vaccinated, that’s why the dollar is not worth as much. You wonder how long it’ll be before they blame the unvaccinated for climate change. Can’t be long now.

So Joe Biden’s campaign to lower COVID deaths has been unequivocally a failure. The numbers show that very clearly. But his campaign to demonize a group of powerless Americans to transform them into kulaks — objects of state-sponsored hate in their own country — that has worked amazingly well.

These people are now so despised it is considered acceptable for politicians to try and kill them. In Buffalo, a state assemblyman called Pat Burke is pushing insurance companies to deny coverage to people who refuse the injection. Disobey Joe Biden, have fun dying of some preventable disease, Kulak, you deserve it!

This is not just an American phenomenon, by the way, and that tells you the most. Governments around the world have decided to transfer their failures onto the tiny percentage of their populations, who, for whatever reason, don’t want the injection.

The US and European covid failure is even worse when measured against countries that closed their borders — Vietnam, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, China.

Now that the phase of closing borders is over, we need anti-virals. Vaccines are an expensive joke that make people sick, but ivermectin is the new penicillin.

hat-tip Stephen Neil