Demographic change that is too obvious not to notice

Demographic change that is too obvious not to notice. By the Z-Man.

The Yankee ruling elite was joined in the 20th century by a Jewish elite that arrived just as the American empire was forming up. The subsequent Judeo-Puritan ruling class ruled the empire into the current day. While the Jewish side did not have roots in the origins of the empire, the Puritan side more than made up for it. The story of America started at Plymouth Rock with the Puritans. At least that is how every schoolboy learned it through the 20th century.

With the Cold War over and the borders wide open, the great flood of people into the empire proper is about to change the complexion of the ruling class. You see this with the South Asian takeover of Silicon Valley. The latest example is Twitter, the social media publisher, getting a new boss. Parag Agarwal will succeed Jack Dorsey as the CEO of the company. Vijaya Gadde is the policy, safety lead director and a chief legal officer and general counsel of Twitter.

If we take a quick inventory of the big tech firms, we see that Google is now ruled by Sundar Pichai. Microsoft is now ruled by a person named Satya Nadella. IBM, once synonymous with American technological innovation, is now ruled by a person called Arvind Krishna. Adobe Systems is ruled by Shantanu Narayen. VMWare, the biggest virtualization firm is ruled by Raghu Raghuram. Silicon Valley is looking like the chamber of commerce of Bangalore.

This may seem like a coincidence, but Kamala Harris is the Vice president because Indian money bought her the spot on the ticket. All of her campaign money came from this cabal of South Asians in California. She remains in her post, even though the Biden people want her out, because the party is afraid of alienating the Brahmans. They know the GOP is on its knees outside those offices begging for cash. They are planning to run Nimrata Nikki Randhawa in the 2024 primary.

What is happening, of course, is the old Judeo-Puritan ruling elite is getting pushed aside by the highly clannish and ambitious Brahman ruling elite. Those high caste Indian migrants come from a long tradition of looking out for their own, but also working the imperial system. The British Raj selected for the sort of high cast local who knew how to ingratiate himself with English speakers. Those skills are now proving to be handy in the American empire.

This is why South Asians are fantastically antiwhite. They have picked up on what is going on with the dying Judeo-Puritan ruling class. Critical theory makes no sense to the new arrivals from the subcontinent, but the slogans are easy to memorize and the targets are familiar. The new ruler of Twitter is not only antiwhite, but he is also openly hostile to the basics of Western society. He thinks the first amendment is a pointless suggestion and he has no intention of respecting its spirit.

This is another sign that the American empire is far closer to collapse than is evident from the numbers. Actual Americans will notice that they cannot pronounce the names of their new rulers. The alien nature of the ruling class is now being pushed into the face of everyone. It is hard to imagine someone named Satya or Parag commanding much loyalty from people named Bill or even Jonquarius. Rule by alien invader will become evident to everyone.

Who voted for this? I don’t remember being offered a choice, but governments did it anyway.