Fauci fancies himself as “Mr Science”. Sadly, he’s right

Fauci fancies himself as “Mr Science”. Sadly, he’s right. By Paul Mirengoff.

At some point — possibly because of all the attacks on him, some of which were over-the-top, possibly because of a personality flaw or maybe old age — Fauci decided to cast himself as Mr. Science. Criticize him, and you’re anti-science.

In fact, Fauci is a career bureaucrat, not a scientist in any strong sense. Indeed, a true scientist would never view himself as science’s representative and try to win arguments based on such a claim.

Here’s what Fauci said yesterday on Face The Nation:

So it’s easy to criticize, but they’re really criticizing science because I represent science.

Unfortunately he’s right.

Governments took over most science funding after WWII. Prior to that, most scientific research was conducted by private individuals and companies off their own bat. But the war effort, especially the Manhattan project, convinced the socialists who were busy expanding government to fund and “coordinate” scientific research.

Nowadays, most science research is funded by governments. Bureaucrats decide who to give the money to, thereby choosing which results they want. For example, climate science is completely funded by governments and the western bureaucracies only give money to people who promote the carbon dioxide theory of global warming.

Fauci is the quintessential modern top bureaucrat, directing research money into doing things his way, preferably making himself and his companions wealthy and important. He has his own agenda, and it’s obvious truth plays second fiddle to what suits Fauci. Let a thousand flowers bloom? No, let one flower bloom.

Science arose in the Enlightenment as a methodology for finding truth that was independent of political authority. Critically, empirical experiment was the highest authority — replacing the Pope, Aristotle, and the local political rulers.

Science only existed for about three centuries. Now research and ideas are controlled by the political people again — they seduced some with money, while threatening those who disagree with irrelevance and cancellation. That’s part of the reason why the rate of scientific advance is now much slower than a century ago — we move at a pace dictated by conformist, dim-witted bureaucrats.

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