Vaccine failure on Omicron is looking likely

Vaccine failure on Omicron is looking likely.

Karl Denninger:

This “variant” has been found all over the world already. Therefore it’s already everywhere. Locking down travel after it is already in your nation is stupid and does nothing. …

The vaccines clearly do not work. International travel has been vaccinated-only everywhere for quite some time. So the person(s) who brought the virus into your nation with this “variant” were vaccinated.


The vaxx developers are in full damage control mode on Twitter now, insisting that this is not necessarily a big deal. All evidence however suggests that the vaccines are going to fail against this variant.

The vaccines train your immune system to fight the original Wuhan virus. In what is known as “original sin”, your immune system will also fight any similar virus with the same tools — but obviously not as effectively as if it used the right tools for the job. The vaccine generals have your body fighting the last war, not the current one:

These vaccines, through original antigenic sin, will prohibit your body from generating a more effective immune response. The spike protein now looks pretty much completely different …

Vaccinated people are now stuck with this mediocre immune response, that’s intended for a variant that no longer exists. This really looks like the scenario where you’re worse off being vaccinated than you are if you’re unvaccinated. …

Worse, your vaccine-trained immune system could even assist the new variant to infect and sicken you:

Let me grab an old study from Japanese scientists, who tried to answer the question: Under what circumstances do we see antibody dependent enhancement [ADE]? That is, a situation in which the virus uses your overall vaccine induced antibody response to its own advantage, leaving you worse off than if you had never been vaccinated in the first place.

They determined it’s pretty easy: You take Delta and you add these four mutations:

K417N, N439K, E484K and N501Y.

If you throw those four mutations into Delta, you have a version that uses your vaccine induced antibody response to its own advantage. …

How close is Omicron to that variant they know causes ADE?

-K417N: Bingo!

-N439K: No, but we have N440K which is a neighboring mutation and should perform the same trick of interfering with the antibodies.

-E484K: We have E484A, which means you have a mutation at the same spot, but resulting in a different amino acid, Alanine instead of Lysine.

-N501Y: Bingo!

In other words, its mutations look pretty much identical to what the Japanese scientists were warning would allow Delta to use your vaccine induced antibody response to its own advantage. Oops. …

Buying time and hoping:

The vaccine manufacturers are saying they’ll need two weeks before figuring out whether the vaccines will need to be updated or not. I don’t think you need two weeks to figure out these vaccines are useless against this thing. If healthy 32 year old triple vaccinated people are getting infected and spreading this thing, then your vaccine is useless. …

I give it two months at most, before you’ll be starting to see a consensus shift: These vaccines were a big mistake.

Now you can see why. A new variant emerges that seems to have evolved in someone who was HIV positive while infected for an extended period of time with SARS-COV-2, giving the virus ample time to figure out an optimal solution to the vaccine induced immune response.

The other awkward question they don’t want to address is as following: How are you going to avoid an original antigenic sin response to your new variant specific strain? How do you make sure your new vaccine updated for this new strain isn’t just going to boost the antibodies originally developed against the original strain you vaccinated everyone against? They have no solution. In fact, this new strain spreads so fast that if it escapes our attempts to contain it (which all evidence suggests will be the case), the new variant specific vaccine will come far too late to make a difference. …

And that’s when it gets ugly.

For this virus, we injected everyone with vaccines that target an identical spike protein. This means that most adults in the Western world now have a highly similar immune response to this virus. All it takes is one variant of this virus that figures out how to use that immune response to its own advantage and you’re faced with a disaster.

There might be some good news: we don’t know how harmful omicron is. If it is less harmful than delta, and displaces delta because it is even more infectious, then omicron will probably be a good thing. The Spanish flu is still around today — as H1N1 — it just became  less deadly over time.

But if omicron is more harmful than delta, then we have a problem (see Marek’s disease).

Either way, the vaccines are once again a great disappointment, and vaccine mandates are criminally stupid, as well as immoral.

We will end up fighting covid with anti-virals, as we do with AIDS (no vaccine was ever found for AIDS, but it is now managed with an antiviral cocktail). And the drug companies may be very disappointed.

Penicillin was the all-purpose, miraculous anti-bacterial drug that ended the age-old scourge of bacterial infections. It cut the profits of the drug companies enormously.

Ivermectin seems to be the all-purpose miracle anti-viral drug. It’s been known for years, yet is used in only very limited ways. If widely used against viruses, it would make lots of existing, specialized (and somewhat ineffective) drugs largely irrelevant, which would greatly reduce drug company profits. Hmmm.