What happens when you hire SJW political extremists in your company

What happens when you hire SJW political extremists in your company. By Ace of Spades, based on a podcast by Ethan Van Sciver.

Propaganda over production:

Whatever your company used to be in the business of making, that is no longer your primary business.

SJWs don’t care about the widgets you’re making. They take over your company and direct it to produce political extremist propaganda as its main product. Your company will only be permitted to produce widgets to the extent that widget-production helps fund your business’ new primary mission of producing propaganda and repression.

If your widget production interferes with the production of politically extremist propaganda, they will sabotage your widget output.

The HR department is their fortress:

SJWs always seek to either curry favor with the human resources and diversity enforcement departments of a company, or, better yet, infest and take over the these departments of a company.

Companies actually allow this because they put most of their diversity hires into human resources and diversity enforcement, thinking that’s the way to appease SJWs, and that’s where these largely-unskilled, largely mentally-ill incompetents can do the least harm.

That’s 100% wrong.

If they were put in any other department — any department charged with producing things of value — their toxicity and dysfunction would cause the company to fire them for their malignance. They subtract value; they do not add to it.

But these corporations keep assigning them to the very departments were toxicity and dysfunction are rewarded.

And this, these toxic, dysfunctional people are allowed to rise and exert authority over the previously healthy and productive parts of the company.

They become the boss:

SJW “employees” will ultimately invert the boss-employee relationship, making themselves the bosses who tell the on-paper CEO and president what they’ll be doing now.

They achieve this through socio-political blackmail and threats to destroy the company through a coordinated reputational damage operation.

We see this all the time. The SJW extremists are increasingly brazen about asserting that they, not the CEO or president or shareholders, run Bartertown …

And all of these weakling assholes will continue hiring these people and letting them effectively declare themselves the management of the company.