UK Covid Vaccine Fatality Rates

UK Covid Vaccine Fatality Rates. By David Archibald.

The vaccinated in the UK are now dying at a much higher rate than the unvaccinated, though not due to covid. … The increase in the death rate of the vaccinated followed the second dose by a month …

It appears that the increase in the death rate in the vaccinated is not due to the 1st dose. The death rate starts rising about one month after the beginning of significant application of the 2nd dose. …

On current trends, making a few likely assumptions, the vaccines could be a debacle:

For the 42 million vaccinated in the UK, deaths due to vaccination will be of the order of 700,000. …

The anecdotes are coming thick and fast:

The spike protein has a myriad of ways of killing people, but the majority of deaths will be due to heart problems. The effect is noticeable in professional soccer, hence these recent headlines:

German Newspaper Shocked so Many Football Players Collapsed Recently

Mystery: ‘Large Number’ German Soccer Players Collapse With ‘Heart Issues’ Recently

Another Professional Soccer Player Collapses on Field: Emil Pálsson Suffers On-Field Cardiac Arrest, Is Resuscitated on Field

Sudden cardiac and unexplained deaths among FIFA athletes increased by 500% in 2021

The vaccinated in the 30 to 60 age group are far more likely to become infected with covid than the unvaccinated. Assuming that the 10% of the infected become ‘long covid’, then the deleterious health effects from vaccination extend well beyond the 1.7% death rate in the first year.

What if boosters are like the second dose?

If the effect of booster shots is the same as the 2nd dose, then booster shots will come with a 1.7% chance of death in the first year …

Now for some good news, far from Europe and North America:

It has been called the miracle in Japan. Covid cases went from 23,192 on 25th August to 127 on 25th November:


Covid cases in Japan

So what caused it? Did ivermectin strike again? Ivermectin was approved for use on 13th August. Japan clearing itself of covid with a cheap antiviral drug is inconvenient to the pharmaceutical companies, so a story has been concocted that the virus in Japan mutated itself out of existence. [As if.] …

Some more news, which could be either good (if omicron is less harmful than delta) or bad (if it is more harmful):

The virus in South Africa does what viruses are supposed to do: mutate to become more virulent. A new variant has appeared in South Africa called B.1.1.529, soon to be called by the Greek letter “nu” [no, it was called “omicron”]. In under three weeks it is now 90% of new cases:


B.1.1.529 (“nu”) dominates delta because it is more transmissable


Major new variants are coming along every six months