NT Chief Minister blasts ‘flogs’ for vaccine lies

NT Chief Minister blasts ‘flogs’ for vaccine lies. By Aaron Bunch.

The Australian Defence Force has rejected “wild” social media claims it is forcibly vaccinating Indigenous Northern Territorians against COVID-19.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner has urged people to ignore the “ridiculous rumours” and “insane crap” about the military’s support role amid a 52-case outbreak that has infected mostly Aboriginal Territorians.

He said ADF personnel were carrying fresh food for locked down communities and vulnerable people, not guns.

“Ninety-nine per cent of the BS that’s flying around the internet about the territory is coming from flogs outside the territory,” he said on Thursday.

“People who have nothing better to do than make up lies.” …

“If anybody thinks we are going to get distracted or intimated by tinfoil hat-wearing tossers sitting in their parents’ basements in Florida then you do not know us Territorians.”


Listen up, basement trolls in Florida. Awesome.

The misinformation alleges infected Aboriginal people are being forcibly transferred to quarantine facilities while likening them to the stolen generation. …

The ADF has also hit out at the accusations, saying they are “lies”. … “These claims are emphatically false.” …

“We have been treated with a lot of respect and appreciate all the support being given by these support personnel,” the Wurli-Wurlinjang Health Service said.

Michael Gunner, the Northern Territory’s left wing leader, is very enthusiastic about vaccine mandates. For this he deserves condemnation — but not lies and fabrications.

Certain US right wing websites have spread some awful calumnies about Australia, along the theme that Australia is a militaristic dystopia. Presumably it makes them feel better, a projection of their fears onto a similar society that they don’t know much about, as their own country sinks into left wing tyranny.

Some Australians even echo it back to them, though it’s hard to say whether they are just chasing clicks, are truly ignorant, or are just having a lend of them.

And don’t even mention the woeful US response to the virus. So many dead, with lockdowns and mandates that go on forever. Shameful.