Freedom movement spreads misinformation in the Top End

Freedom movement spreads misinformation in the Top End. By Jack the Insider.

Wild stories of First Australians being restrained, held down and vaccinated, with some shuffled off into detention have been promoted by elements of Australia’s freedom movement since the communities of Greater Katherine and Robinson River in the Northern Territory went into lockdown 12 days ago.

The Northern Territory and federal governments were, according to a spokesman from the Original Sovereign Tribal Federation, “forcing a genocidal bio-weapon on to us.”

In a Facebook video, the group circulated misinformation that the NT Government was using “foreign soldiers, foreign police” as well as local troops and local cops “in acts of coercion.”

In Sydney and Melbourne, elements of the freedom movement, including rally organisers, promoted the lies which have led to great distress and anxiety in indigenous communities in the Top End. …

Huffing and puffing:

One extreme right wing news group with an international audience followed up describing the 38 indigenous Australians taken to the quarantine facility at Howard Springs as having been “rounded up” by the ADF. …

The report went on: “Removing Indigenous people from their homes into an (sic) government-operated facility has been branded as both disturbing and a violation of human rights.”

Branded? By whom? Well, branded by the news group. …


The first dedicated quarantine centre created by the Commonwealth with the lofty name, the Centre for National Resilience can quarantine up to 850 people in comfort. Each cabin has airconditioning, toilet and bathroom facilities. There’s fresh food, meals prepared, high speed internet, Netflix.

Many of Australia’s Olympians were quarantined at Howard Springs. …

Indigenous health worker, Luke Ellis who had tested positive for Covid-19 and was one of those who’d been “rounded up” and dispatched to Howard Springs.

He tweeted a long thread from within the facility that in part read: “The camp is not used to drag away black mob. In fact this camp has been used for months and has had hundreds of non-indigenous people come through it in the exact same process for months. Indigenous people had been lucky so far but our luck ran out. …

Reignite Democracy Australia:

Reignite Democracy Australia, shared the sovcit video. It’s still up on the group’s Facebook page where it has more than 40,000 thousand followers. It’s been viewed thousands of times there. Some commenters with a grip on reality attached a link to Price’s video. Others had linked to Ellis’s Twitter thread. It didn’t seem to matter. Other commenters ignored the warnings, watched the sovcit video and accepted it as fact.

“If there is misinformation out there, it’s because the government and mainstream media fail to report on stories that are sent to them, so the people are left to their own devices to find truth,” RDA’s leader, Monica Smit told Fairfax Media on Thursday.

No, Monica. If there is misinformation out there it is at least in part because your organisation has helped spread it.

18 months ago, and in the absence of Covid-19 vaccines, the protests were about fake pandemics, 5G spectrum bands and around the clock electronic surveillance from Bill Gates. Some remain steadfast that this is still the case.

Good to see RDA is selling merch and vigorously promoting themselves with the usual gimmicks. Pity they didn’t put the same effort into figuring out the truth. They discredit those around them.