Freedom Rally: The largest protest I have ever seen in Perth

Freedom Rally: The largest protest I have ever seen in Perth. By Joanne Nova.

Huge protests were held all over the world. Here in Perth, Western Australia with a population of 2 million, I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s a not a political town, has had barely 30 cases of Covid in the community (in total) and yet, the central mall was packed wall to wall.

Walking in with placards, strangers in the traffic were shouting approval through open car windows. …

These were peaceful people: mums with prams, nurses, truckies, tradies, and hippies.

Joanne and I were there. I had a “India and Indonesian beat covid with Ivermectin” sign — the western bureaucracy is offering a false choice limited to covid and vaccine, but the better choice is anti-virals.

It was especially noticeable that there were lots of women rallying, including many young women. Not a hint of violence or rude behavior. Just a large, effective protest against vaccine mandates and bureaucratic tyranny. 10,000+.


The latest tactic from the narrative-people was in evidence — the “counter-rally” is given equal billing:.

According to PerthNow and the ABC there were two opposing protests in Perth:

Wow. What a rally.

That’s like “fact checkers”, “the science”, “on the right side of history”, “that’s not the people we are”, and “progressives” — sweet lefty lies.