Mob rule failed in the Rittenhouse trial

Mob rule failed in the Rittenhouse trial. By John Hinderaker.

While certainly consistent with the evidence, the verdict was not a foregone conclusion. Anti-Rittenhouse mobs formed outside the courthouse, chanting slogans that may have been audible to the jurors as they deliberated. In any event, they were surely aware of the threats that were made by Antifa/BLM groups to riot if Rittenhouse were not convicted. And they likely were aware of reports that various persons had been trying to photograph them so they could be identified and attacked if they returned a verdict displeasing to the mob. …

Our jury system was not designed to function under the kinds of stresses that we saw with the Derek Chauvin prosecution, and, to a lesser extent, the Rittenhouse case. Jurors should not have to choose between their families’ physical safety and their duty to render an impartial verdict.

The media promotes leftist fantasies, then its followers explode with rage when reality intervenes — “We was robbed! Unfair! White supremacy!” A media that systematically misinforms people is extremely damaging and has no place in a successful society.

Reader Paul adds:

I’ve not seen anyone observe that Kyle Rittenhouse is barely old enough to have left school. He will, dv, live to around 80 years. Each day of those decades he will waken in the knowledge that he killed two men. As time passes the circumstances will gradually lose their significance. He acted within the law (what that tells one about the law is another matter) but the deaths remain. The poor fellow’s “punishment” has barely begun.