Austria Re-Imposes Full Lockdown, Compulsory Vaccination for Everyone

Austria Re-Imposes Full Lockdown, Compulsory Vaccination for Everyone. By Tyler Durden.

Following the previously announced lockdown of the unvaccinated, which failed to put a halt to soaring case numbers, the entire country will now be placed under a full lockdown lasting at least 10 days.

Also, starting From February 1st, everyone will also be legally required to have been vaccinated. Austrian authorities also said they would make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory, vowing “penalties” for those who continue to resist.

Is it unfair to point out that Austria is where Hitler grew up?

All those vaccines, yet more covid than ever:

Europe is currently experiencing its highest ever COVID surge, with 310,000 cases being registered across the continent over the last 24 hours.

Ireland is also on a “war footing” and could be about to introduce a new lockdown despite having a 94% vaxxed population, mandatory mask mandates, and a vaccine passport scheme already in place.

As cases rises again across Europe, a number of governments have started to reimpose limits on activity, ranging from Austria’s full lockdown, to a partial lockdown in the Netherlands, to restrictions on the unvaccinated in parts of Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

But why Europe? Maybe Africa, India, Indonesia and other “poor” countries got it right?

Aids wasn’t tamed with vaccines, but with anti-virals. Fauci and Pfizer love vaccines, but they’re not working.