The Collapse of Kamala Harris

The Collapse of Kamala Harris. By Charles Cooke.

We are now ten months into this baleful presidency, and already Harris is the most unpopular vice president in history. …


Think back over Harris’s entire career. Can you find a single utterance of hers that has so much as approached being compelling or worthwhile? I doubt it.

Harris is not interesting, she’s not substantive, she’s not provocative, or innovative, or wry. She’s not funny. She’s not amiable. She’s not accomplished or persuasive or adroit.

She’s a heedless, cowardly, cackling cipher — an insipid, itinerant woolgatherer, whose first instinct in any situation is to resort to farcical platitudes or to suggest wanly that we should all have a “conversation about that.”

Were she to be cast in a kids’ movie, it would not be as the hero, but as the ghastly mid-level bureaucrat who sends the hero’s dog to the pound halfway through the second act. …

Presidential campaigns start off as vanity exercises in which overpaid marketing teams present their candidate as their candidate wishes ideally to be seen. When Harris was such a candidate, she gained 3 percent support in the polls. What, exactly, did her team think was going to happen when she was forced into the real world? …


The next cast of Democratic primary voters is going to have to choose one of three excruciating courses for 2024: (1) ask an 82-year-old Joe Biden to run for the White House again; (2) ask Kamala Harris to step in and take the reins; or (3) rip the party apart with a vigorously contested primary that, given the long lead-times that mark American politics, would last in one form or another for the lion’s share of Joe Biden’s post-midterm presidency.

Karma! The Dems are so into identity politics they are blinded by sex and skin color. Hoist on their own petard:

Maybe the Dems can pressure her into resigning, maybe bribing her with another position as well. The new Vice President would require confirmation by both the House and the Senate. But the Senate would not be under Democrat control, being split 50-50 but without the VP’s tie-breaking vote if she has already resigned. Karma again.