Booster vaccinations drive up infections. What if the damage is cumulative?

Booster vaccinations drive up infections. What if the damage is cumulative? Let’s start off with Eugyppius:

Everybody is vaccinated in Gibraltar; since October, increasingly large numbers of people are triple vaccinated there. …

Lots of booster shots, starting in the first week of October, in one of the most vaccinated societies in the world:

Then infections shot up dramatically in November. Cause and effect?

This isn’t a seasonal or a regional effect. Neighbouring countries, where the booster campaign has yet to begin (Morocco) or kick into high gear (Portugal, Spain), see a slight upward, seasonal trend—nothing like the Gibraltar spike. …

[Proof that it is cause and effect lies in the infection peaks in Gibraltar, which are] cascading from the oldest age groups to the youngest, following the order in which they were boosted.


When Israel rolled out boosters in August, they also saw spikes in infections and deaths. It is the same phenomenon we observed after dose 1. Only the second dose does not enhance infections, presumably because it is administered in the protective shadow of the first one. …

For about ten days following vaccination, the vaccinated are more susceptible to infection, and a subset of them probably become minimally symptomatic super-spreaders.

Uh oh:

Millions of people across Europe and North America will become eligible for Dose 3 at the very height of coronavirus season, in December and January. …

While the vaccines don’t work as advertised, they are powerful pharmaceutical products and they have strange, unexpected effects — not only on the bodies of people who take them, but also on the dynamics of transmission and infection.

Deranged medical bureaucrats, who refuse to abandon their dreams of controlling a highly contagious seasonal respiratory virus, have whole populations popping these things like aspirin. They could very well succeed in making Corona into the unprecedented public health disaster that the virus itself never quite was.

Cumulative damage?

Both the covid virus and the first generation vaccines cause widespread blood clotting, which damages most organs. In most people the damage is minor and they have no or few symptoms. Occasionally the clots are bad enough to kill someone. Sometimes they cause modest damage, resulting in symptoms or long covid.

What if the damage is cumulative? What if the damage from multiple cases of covid or vaccines mounts up, because it wasn’t all repaired? There have been no long term trials of covid or the vaccines, so we don’t know. Heart muscle, for instance, does not repair as well, so perhaps it is prone to cumulative damage.

Giving people boosters assumes that the damage isn’t cumulative. But it’s only an assumption. Want to bet your life on it?