Vaccine Madness in the US

Vaccine Madness in the US. By Sharyl Attkisson.

Covid-19 vaccine mandates have set up the ultimate showdown. If you don’t comply, you might not be able to earn a living, get an education or take part in society. Already, there are mass firings, resignations and lawsuits.

Now, a national mandate is on the way. Never before has the federal government mandated vaccination for such a large segment of society. And the resulting debate over freedom, science and government control is creating chaos from coast to coast.

How’s New York’s vaccine mandate going?

New York City is entering week three of its historic mandate for anyone who wants to eat in a restaurant, drink at a bar, or work out at a large gym.

Bill de Blasio, New York City Mayor: If you want to participate in our society fully, you’ve got to get vaccinated. It’s time.

While many New York businesses are following the rules, we found evidence that many others are looking the other way.

Out of four eateries we walked into last week that should have asked if we were staying to eat inside and required proof of vaccination, only one popped the question, three others did not. …

There’s plenty of civil disobedience. A crowd stormed New York’s Staten Island Mall to try to eat without proof of vaccination. …

Legal protections will come too late:

There are already countless legal challenges moving through court. Teachers, police, and other first responders around the country, including 500 LA firefighters. And it’s about to get much bigger. Millions of federal workers and contractors are counting down toward a deadline to get vaccinated. And the mandate is about to expand to all private employers with 100 or more workers. About 100 million people, in all. …

Sen. Ron Johnson: I believe the challenges to federal mandates will succeed, but probably too late, it’ll probably be too late. The damage will already [have] been done. …

It’s hard to quantify exactly how many have already quit or been fired over vaccine mandates. 600 at United Airlines. Teachers. First responders. Military troops. More than 3000 among a small sampling of hospital systems. There are already staff shortages and bed cuts at some hospitals. …

If they were serious about health, they would allow and encourage anti-virals. Instead, the deep state demands compulsory vaccinations:

There are scientific disputes on many points. The national mandate is coming as top health officials disagree on booster shots and whether kids need to get vaccinated at all, and thousands of vaccinated Americans have ended up in the hospital and even died of Covid.

In Israel, health officials recently said those who got their shots more than 6 months ago aren’t considered vaccinated anymore. Yet millions of people in the U.S. vaccinated 9 months ago will be considered protected under the federal mandate here.

Undisputed winners in the whole mess are the vaccine makers. Even before the national mandate, Moderna was expected to pull in $19 billion in taxpayer money for selling Covid-19 shots this year. Pfizer: $26 billion.

A reminder from a few days ago — the vaccinated are the greater threat, not the unvaccinated:

During the vaccine honeymoon period, the vaccinated are less likely to catch covid, so you might assume (as our ruling class did) that the chances of a random vaccinated person you meet having covid would be less than the chances of a random unvaccinated person.

But, even during the honeymoon, this might not be the case — simply because the vaccine suppresses the symptoms of covid, while doing little to check the viral growth and ability to spread the disease. Because the vaccinated catch covid and merrily carry on, you are more likely to meet them. An unvaccinated person comes down with the symptoms and isolates, so you are less likely to meet them.

And after the honeymoon, you are much more likely to catch covid from the vaccinated than the unvaccinated. The honeymoon is only about fourth months for AZ and six months for Pfizer. After that, the vaccines offer little protection from catching covid, but still suppresses the symptoms for a couple more months. The emerging UK data suggests that the vaccinated become more likely to catch covid than the unvaccinated a couple of months after the honeymoon ends. Hope they like booster shots.

The long term threat from the vaccinated, of course, is that they are incubators for breeding covid mutants. More incubators = more and nastier mutants. In chickens, Marek’s disease went from being a mild flu type virus to 100% fatal, due to the widespread use of non-sterilizing vaccines (the current covid vaccines are non-sterilizing).

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