Trump Is Necessary to Restore Two-Party Rule

Trump Is Necessary to Restore Two-Party Rule. By Conrad Black.

With respect, I offer an alternative view. Trump is instrumental in the restoration of two-party rule.

[George Will, dean of serious American political commentators and high priest of Trump-hate] and I were soldiers of approximately equal fervor, though grossly unequal influence, in our support of Ronald Reagan. As that splendid and successful era came to an end, he described Reagan’s successor, George H. W. Bush, as speaking with “the tinny arf of the lapdog.” I then thought this an unjustly dismissive opinion, but the senior Bush did allow an outright political charlatan, Ross Perot, to seize 20 million mainly Republican votes, bringing down the Clintons upon America.

This was the end of two-party rule: for eight consecutive terms, 32 years, (1981-2013) one member or other of the Bush and Clinton families was president, vice president, or secretary of state. The Bushes, Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney: all generally said that they would do as the Democrats did but would do it better.

From the retirement of Reagan to the election of Trump there was little appreciable difference between the parties which collaborated in the inexorable leftward drift of public policy. The White House would change hands every eight years, and the Congress every four or six years, but 95 percent of the permanent federal government was liberal and all were complicit in the betrayal of the American working and middle classes, the appeasement of China, the porosity of the southern border, the erosion of every aspect of citizenship including the requirement of it to vote in a federal election, the pace of requisitioning money from those who had earned it to distribute it amongst those who had not (in exchange for their votes whether they were citizens or not); all this quickened, especially under Obama, but the political class was merely shifting places on a bipartisan conveyor belt to the left.

Enough, said the electorate, that’s not what we want:

Trump reversed this trend. He practically ended illegal immigration, unemployment, oil imports, disadvantageous trade agreements, the appeasement of China, and an economic definition of globalism that exported capital and jobs and imported unemployment.

Trump was the first head of a serious jurisdiction in the world to incentivize through the tax system circumstances in which the lowest 20 percent of income earners were gaining income more quickly in percentage terms than the top 10 percent. The majority of Americans approved of these policies and it was generally recognized that Trump would be reelected until China unleashed COVID-19 on the world. …

But, by hook or by crook, the uniparty’s candidate was the one inaugurated in January 2021.

Now, of course, it has all come unstuck and gone horribly wrong. There is no exit for over three years from the dead end of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They are both clearly incapable of executing a national office and the Constitution does not provide any appropriate way for replacing them other than at an election.

There is some justice in the terrible embarrassment that now afflicts the country. All the elites banded together to produce this horrifying result: Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, the sports industry, the political media and Washington commentariat, the oligarchic social media cartel, the academy. They all joined hands, defamed the president far beyond what his frequently embarrassing utterances justified, outspent him to 2-1, de-platformed him from social media, and under cover of COVID, elaborated ballot harvesting into monstrous vote-counting irregularities in six swing states, and intimidated the judiciary at every level from examining the voting and vote-counting problems seriously.

They even tried to impeach Trump after he left office, and falsely claimed that, when he addressed hundreds of thousands of his understandably aggrieved followers on January 6, Trump was trying to incite an insurrection. In fact, what occurred was minor-league hooliganism at the Capitol which Trump did not incite or condone and the negligence of the speaker of the House and the mayor of Washington, D.C. was responsible for inadequate Capitol security. Hundreds of alleged trespassers were rounded up and sweated in solitary confinement for months, in the normal operation of the corrupt American plea-bargain evidence-extortion system, that has still failed to produce anything damaging to Trump. …

The only justice in this is that the American elites, in gaudily demonstrating their complacency, mediocrity, and institutional dishonesty on a monstrous scale, have punished themselves before the entire world; unfortunately the whole nation shares in the collateral damage of this exposé of gigantic failure and usurpation.

You think the American people — especially the ones living there for more than say a few years — are going to go along with this?

Either the ruling class shares power gracefully, or democracy has ended in the USA.