The left’s psychological compulsion on government spending now extends to diversity

The left’s psychological compulsion on government spending now extends to diversity.  By David Cole.

For the average secular leftist, government spending takes the place of prayer, in that leftists advocate it not expecting proof that it works; it simply makes them feel good to do it, because they’re certain it must be accomplishing something. It’s faith.

No real Christian prays for a BMW to appear in their driveway and then runs to the window and when there’s no car, they renounce Jesus. Prayer is more a matter of personal comfort and the knowledge that it’s creating goodness and positivity in ways you might not explicitly understand. And that’s how leftists see spending …

The politicians cynically manipulate their faith:

Of course, most congresspeople — the ones who do the spending — don’t have this faith-based approach. They spend cynically, to bring pork to their districts and enrich lobbyists and themselves. But they depend on the commoners to be the true believers in the all-healing power of check-writing.

Once we establish that this is how leftists view spending, how the “puppet masters” manipulate it, and why rightist demands for verifiable results don’t have any effect on the faithful, we now have to understand something else: The nation has always survived massive spending. Everybody spends; GOP presidents, Dem presidents, GOP Congresses, Dem Congresses. It’s not good, but it’s not our doom.

But now diversity, which is much more dangerous:

DEI (“diversity, equity, and inclusion”) is [our doom]….

What the people at the top, the civilization destroyers like Soros, have been able to do is harness that diseased spot in the leftist brain, the one that releases endorphins at the mere mention of spending, and redirect it to something new.

The idea is, take the anxiety that leftists feel about lack of spending (long before race became the Dems’ cause célèbre, GOPs like Reagan and Gingrich were being called Hitler for cutting spending), and make them feel the same way about lack of “diversity.”

“We’re not spending $10 trillion dollars? Bad things will befall us! We must spend, even if I can’t articulate how that money will stave off Armageddon.”

“Too many white people in a boardroom or a movie? Not enough black women in STEM? No bare-assed Peruvian Tzaltapectatl Indians in the ballet company? I’m overcome with a feeling of impending doom! We must diversify, even if I can’t articulate how putting low-IQ incompetents on a cancer research team will actually help.”

Arguments about reality bounce off like water off a duck’s back:

The same way rightist arguments against spending never resonated because the act of spending is in and of itself emotionally fulfilling so leftists don’t require actual results, ditto the arguments against DEI. You can try to rationally explain that things don’t automatically become better just because there’s a “POC” in the room, and, indeed, things get worse when the slow or unprepared are elevated beyond their capabilities, but those critiques will fall on deaf ears.

As with reckless spending, demanding “diversity” releases endorphins, pleasing and calming the leftist mind. Leftists have been conditioned to believe that white equals doom, “diverse” (nonwhite) equals safety.

It’s no more logical than most religions, but I’m hesitant to call it a religion. Even though I did describe spending as the leftist version of prayer, I think it’s a little too fancy-pants to describe these things as pseudo-religions.

I think they’re more accurately described as compulsions. I have many leftist friends, and not a one of ’em isn’t in therapy or on some type of anti-OCD, antidepression, antianxiety, or antipsychotic med.

The feeling of impending doom leftists get when a spending cut is proposed or when a room is too white is best compared to the feeling of doom people with OCD get when they don’t turn off the light switch four times in a row or when objects on a table aren’t symmetrical. You can’t talk them out of that feeling of doom, because it’s by definition irrational.

Haven’t we seen this pathology present itself in leftists since the beginning of Covid? Irrational fears and compulsions, divorced from science, exploited by political leaders.

Leftists masking toddlers, leftists wearing masks while alone in their own cars, vaxxed leftists walking solo on a beach in masks? That’s OCD. The terror that leftists have been conditioned to feel (conditioned by manipulators who are happy to go maskless when they don’t think anyone’s watching) when seeing an unmasked person is the same terror they’ve been conditioned to feel when seeing anything that’s too “white.” In a way, none of it is necessarily ideological. Not on the part of the people at the top who are more exploiters than true believers, and not on the part of the people at ground level who’ve had their brain disorders exploited.

To be sure, there are genuine ideologues. They write books, they teach classes. But they’re not the engine that drives the nation’s destruction. Those at the top who manipulate, and those at the bottom who have manipulable disorders, are far more important. The former have money and power, the latter have numbers and fervor.