Joe Biden’s Democrats most wealthy and woke in history

Joe Biden’s Democrats most wealthy and woke in history. By Adam Creighton.

The Biden administration has become without doubt the most woke of any government anywhere, ever, determined to force identity politics down Americans’ throats seemingly regardless of the electoral consequences.

It reflects a new obsession with form over substance in left-of-centre policymaking the world over that papers over the transformation of the Democrats, and like-minded parties elsewhere, into the party of the wealthy. …

No other Western government goes to these lengths to signal its trendy devotion to identity politics. And no other Western nation has so much economic inequality, which could explain Democrats’ keenness to talk about something else. …


Late last month, as inflation was rising to the highest level in 31 years, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen appointed the first counsellor for racial equity as Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo lauded how more than 40 per cent of the department’s political appointees identified as people of colour. …

And last week the White House nominated Saule Omarova, who studied Marxist economics at the University of Moscow, to lead a Treasury financial regulation agency. In February Omarova said she wanted US coal, oil and gas companies to go bankrupt to tackle climate change, remarks that have caused problems for her confirmation in a car-loving nation in which 80 per cent of electricity is generated by fossil fuels.

It’s proving infectious in corporate America, too, always eager to please Washington to ensure favourable regulation. In April United Airlines said 50 per cent of its next 5000 pilots would be women or people of colour. …

In the great realignment, the Dems moved from championing the workers to championing identity groups against white straight Christian males. The bureaucratic class and their dependents took over the Dems, or was it the other way around? The wealthy need the bureaucrats on side to get favorable government treatment, so the rich piled into the party pf the bureaucrats too.

Democrats, just as Labor is on track to be in Australia, overwhelmingly are the party of the wealthy. Tax data shows 65 per cent of households making $US500,000 or more last year were Democrats, while Republicans made up most households with incomes below $US100,000.

The Democrats have traded places

Joe Biden’s tax package includes a huge tax cut for high earners, an incredible development given the rhetoric about reducing inequality. Inequality arguably has never been greater in the US, yet the supposed party of the downtrodden is planning to make it worse, hoping the debate about race, sexuality and gender distracts from what’s going on.

Capping the state and local tax deduction at $US10,000 was the best part of Donald Trump’s 2017 tax package, ending an outrageous subsidy from poor households and states to the wealthy in big-taxing states. Democrats want to lift it to $US80,000, giving households earning $US500,000 to $US1m a $6700 tax cut. (And by the way, the bulk of those earners would be white men.)

At the same time, Biden wants to double the excise on cigarettes — taking a leaf out of Australia’s tax policy that overwhelmingly punishes the poor — making a mockery of the administration’s claim no one earning less than $US400,000 will pay more tax.

Deliberately making the rich richer while jabbering on about a bizarre political ideology foreign to most Americans has been a disastrous combination.

Biden and Harris’s approval ratings have fallen to embarrassingly low levels. The latest Washington Post poll found 51 per cent of voters will vote Republican in next year’s midterm elections — the highest share in the 40-year history of the poll.

“The closer the crash of the empire, the crazier its laws are” — Marcus Tulius Cicero.

hat-tip Stephen Neil